Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Grass Kicker Vehicle Review

TMNT Grass Kicker 017

Playmates Toys had surprised us on New Years Eve with shipping out the Grass Kicker and Shell Flyer basic vehicles to U.S. retailers like Toys “R” Us. Last we had checked with Playmates Toys there were no more new toys besides the Battle Shell Turtles figures and Classics Bebop and Rocksteady coming out. So this was a nice surprised to find the Grass Kicker, but the Shell Flyer had sold before we got to it.

This past shopping season we’ve seen almost every TMNT basic action figure sell off the pegs leaving some of the higher priced toys sitting there, which is both good and bad for the franchise.

You may be surprised to learn that there are some significant differences from the packaging deco of the vehicle to the product itself that we are going to cover below.

Availability: End Of December 2013 / January 2014


We rarely ever talking about packaging here unless there is actually something we feel to talk about. The paint deco of the Grass Kicker is not the same as the product inside the package. The deco on the packaging shows silver and dark green handle bars, silver and gold exhaust pips, a black/orange/white handle bar for the co-pilot with traffic lights, a fully painted nome in a green suit, black shoes, a white beard and a red hat. It also shows a silver front bar with bolts, and some black paint deco on the floor of the driver side. All of this is misleading (see Paint below).


The Grass Kicker is an all new sculpted vehicle and the first basic vehicle released that has the ability to hold 2 figures. The front has a spinning grass cutter attached to the vehicles front wheels, it can fire six discs by pressing black level at the back, and stores two blue missiles at the top of handle bars. The co-pilot stands on the platform with one foot peg, but (at least with  Battle Shell Donatello), he cannot hold both of the handle bars at the same time.


The vehicle is painted mostly in red with black wheels, and seat. Now, this is where the deco differs from the packaging. The exhaust pipes are painted in grey, the nome and front bar is painted all in red, and the top handle bars are painted in dark green with white trim at the top center and the sides. Also the tips of the missiles are not white as shown on the packaging and instead painted all in blue. The floor of the driver side is painted all in red and does not have any black deco as shown on the packaging.


6 firing discs, 2 missiles, stickers.


Despite the deco on the packaging being a lot better than the actual product itself, this is still a fun vehicle nonetheless and we just cannot get enough Turtles toys.

Highly recommended.


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