Masters Of The Universe Classics Standor Review

MOTUC Standor 01

Two words: Stan Lee. That’s the likeness that Standor is based on. Marvel Comics creator and the man responsible for creating many Marvel characters such as Spider-Man gets a Masters Of The Universe Classics action figure in 6″ scale. First sold at Comikaze Expo to celebrate the partnership between Mattel and Stan, then on Mattycollector, Standor, the Cosmic Creator of Power, will likely be one of the most remembered Masters of The Universe Classics action figures of 2013.

Availability: Comikaze Expo November 1-3, 2013; Mattycollector December 16, 2013


On the back of the packaging, Standor is written in purple text, not the standard red or blue. This is rather unique in itself. He is also shown pictured in an animated look that resembles the 200X animated series.

MOTUC Standor packaging back


Standor uses the standard MOTUC body with a newly sculpted head, armor, headdress, and solar glasses that clip onto the sides of his head. The facial sculpt depicts the likeness of Stan Lee, along with his glasses. The glasses fit very well on this figure, which is not always the case as most figures with glasses may fall off rather easily, these stay on very well.

The body armor is removable showing a muscular chest underneath.


Standor is painted in a blue/white wash body, with a smokey black armor and sparkling stars. The glasses have are silver with a blue lens.


Standard for MOTUC.


Removable cosmic armor, headdress and solar glasses


Real Name: Standor

Before time began, the great Gods of the multiverse convened in the Hall of Power to create all that was and all that will ever be. Head architect of this great task was Standor™. A cosmic being of unlimited imagination, Standor™ helped lead his fellow deities by fueling their energies with raw creative force. After creation was complete, it was Standor™ magic that cast the aura of the Gods across the universe as a wave of power, giving rise to all forms of life and intelligence. With his infinite energy, Standor™ reaches out into the cosmos and across the dimensional gateways to power all who would become Masters of the Universe® for good or evil.


Standor brings a lot to the table with originality and has a great bio to back him up. He is a very well done figure and looks great along side other MOTUC figures by Mattel.

Highly recommended.


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