Masters Of The Universe Classics Two Bad Review

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Here we have the first figure under Mattel’s new roadmap for 2014 and beyond as they had to rework their entire plans since the Club Eternia subscription almost did not happen back in the Summer of 2012. With this new roadmap and the promise of no more concept characters or obscure characters, this line has a much better chance of a subscription going through now that we know we are getting only updated vintage MOTU, POP,  some New Adventures, and 200X. According to Toyguru, the original roadmap had both Tuvar and Badra (before they were fused together) action figures planned sometime between now and 2017. This had changed after the very close call with the subscription not going through.

Recently, Toyguru had posted an article asking fans to get ready to back the 2015 subscriptions this coming summer, as Mattel is getting ready to launch their 2015 plans at SDCC 2014, and the promise of 2014-2015 vintage only figures, Mattel wants to bring us the characters that we’ve all been asking for. But to do that, it will take the purchase of a subscription from those that have been on the fence about this. In the end Mattel can only make figures as long as there are enough customers to buy them. Some of their previous lines such as Justice League Unlimited and DC Infinite Earths have been cancelled leaving some of the fans heartbroken.

This is not something we want to see happen to Masters Of The Universe Classics. So get ready to subscribe next summer so can all have what we want. It will take everybody to pull this one off!

Availability: January 2014 – Sold to Club Eternia members only with no day-of stock sold.

Sculpt & Paint:

Two Bad features mostly new tooling with two new head sculpts, new armor, a new torso that’s wider compared to other MOTUC figures, newly tooled arm, silver glove, leg, and a silver boot for Badra (purple), reused arm and leg for Tuvar (blue) with a newly tooled silver glove and sandals with two toes showing, and a newly tooled 200X mace and shield.

Where he is split down the center it leaves a clean line where the vintage toy had more of a wavy uneven split. The line starts and ends at the belt. The paint came out very well with no smudges or bleeding. Badra has a rough texture sculpted on his torso, arm and leg with finns, while Tuvar’s sculpt is smooth. Badra’s head uses a different pattern of texture and shows the flesh folds on his head.

Badra has a close fisted hand and Tuvar an open fisted hand, leaving Tuvar the only character of the two that can hold the club, and the shield can fit on either arm.


Standard for MOTUC. Both heads are ball jointed and nothing has been cut including ankle and wrist articulation.


200X mace, vintage 1985 shield, and removable armor.


Real Name: Tuvar and Badra

Originally hired as bounty hunters to track down He-Man®, Tuvar and Badra were magically fused together in an unrepeatable spell by Skeletor® in retribution for their failure. Now called “Two Bad®”, this new multi-headed creature became a mixed blessing for the Evil Warriors. When his two heads are working together Two Bad® is nearly as clever and devious as Skeletor® and his advantage in battle is doubled. However his two heads rarely get along. Quite often the two heads will bicker with one another just at the wrong moment. Two Bad® is double trouble, twice the plotting power of other evil foes.


Bring on the bad guys! Two-Bad is truly an awesome figure with a ton of details to the sculpt and has a great overall design. I really like that they included his 200X mace and the vintage shield.

Highly Recommended.


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