Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Casey Jones Review

TMNT Casey Jones 01

Casey Jones has finally made his debut into the Nickelodeon series and his appearances in season 2 should truly be epic. This character is long overdue to join the turtles team roster. Casey includes a removable mask, hockey stick, bat, and a painted face as seen in the previews for season 2. There have been a lot of complaints over this figure having a painted face, which is something truly different compared to previous incarnations of the character. We believe that once season 2 starts on Sunday February 2nd (USA only), the fandom might have a change of heart.

Availability: January 2014

Sculpt & Paint:

Casey Jones is an all-new sculpt and features a removable white and black hockey mask, a beige hockey stick, baseball bat and a clip backpack that holds both weapons, a brown arm shield sculpted on his rubber left arm, roller blades sculpted on his feet, and a painted black and white face. He is also painted with a black hood, shirt, gloves, and a grey underclothing with dark grey knee pads. He has one shoulder guard that’s even a lighter grey and a brown strap over his chest in the front, then it goes black in the back.

What bothers us about this sculpt is that Playmates Toys had made the left arm (between the elbow and glove) with the arm shield rubber, but left the glove and shield plastic. The right arm is made of plastic. The other part is that the roller blades are sculpted on instead of coming as separate pieces that snap on. They are also painted grey, which doesn’t make them stand out considering it’s the same color light grey as the shoulders and pants.


Swivel head, hinged and swivel shoulders, hinged elbows, swivel wrists. hinged and swivel hips, hinged and swivel knees.


Hockey stick, baseball bat, clip that plugs in the back, removable mask.


Despite some of the issues we’ve explained above such as the rubber arm, roller blades, and painted face, he’s still a great looking figure and truly a welcome addition to the line. If Playmates does a second figure of him, we want to see some improvements made.

Highly Recommended.


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