Transformers Generations Autobot Whirl Review

Transformers Generations Whirl 12

Hasbro has given us a truly great update to the Generation 1 Whirl toy that originally came out in 1985. This triple changer Transformers action figure includes a sticker sheet and his vintage weapons just like the G1 toy had. This is an unusual move for Hasbro releasing a sticker sheet with a Transformer as we have seen them do anything like this in well over a decade. These extra’s that Hasbro sometimes does never goes unnoticed and we greatly appreciate it.

Availability: January 2014


Autobot Whirl features an all new sculpt that can convert into three modes – Helicopter, Heloped, and Robot (see gallery below).

In Helicopter mode, Whirl can spin his propeller and can store all four of his accessories. The blaster can be stored under his cockpit and the other three attach themselves with clips onto the sides. The cockpit door can also be opened.

In Heloped mode, Whirl can walk on his two legs, use his arms, and the cockpit is also used as the head. He can also use his propellers and weapons in this mode.

In Robot mode, Whirl as a great head sculpt. On the back of his head is a translucent piece of plastic that allows light to pass through allowing his eye to light up. If you move the antenna at the side of his head, it also moves a piece on the back which closes that light from passing through. In this mode, he can also use all of his weapons and the Null-Ray Cannon can be placed on his hand by folding back the long clips. The Null-Ray Cannon might be hard to fit on the hand and tends not to stay on very long.

His design gives him some limited articulation in his shoulders, but he does have some very good leg movement.


Whirl is painted in his G1 accurate blue colors with an orange cockpit, silver, black, and yellow propellers. The legs are given a darker shade of blue instead of light blue which would be more G1 accurate to the toy.


He includes four weapons that can connect together, one sticker sheet, and instructions.


Hasbro continues to impress us with their Transformers Generations line and we look forward to what they have in store for us in 2014. Whirl is an excellent update to the vintage toy and long over due to be included in this line.

Highly Recommended.


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Robot Mode:

Transformers Generations Whirl 12 Transformers Generations Whirl 19 Transformers Generations Whirl 18 Transformers Generations Whirl 17 Transformers Generations Whirl 16 Transformers Generations Whirl 15 Transformers Generations Whirl 14 Transformers Generations Whirl 13

Heloped Mode:

Transformers Generations Whirl 05    Transformers Generations Whirl 08 Transformers Generations Whirl 07 Transformers Generations Whirl 06   Transformers Generations Whirl 11

Helicopter Mode:

 Transformers Generations Whirl 04 Transformers Generations Whirl 03 Transformers Generations Whirl 02 Transformers Generations Whirl 01 Transformers Generations Whirl 10 Transformers Generations Whirl 09