NYTF 2014 – LEGO Life-Size Movie Figure On Display

NYTF 2014 – LEGO Life-Size Movie Figure On Display


LEGO has tightened it’s grip on who can and cannot enter their booth to see the latest reveals. We know members of the media with 28 years of experience going to Toy Fair and they told us that LEGO asked them not to attend. According to those members of the press, in their entire history of Toy Fair coverage no one has asked these guys not to come to a booth. Whatever LEGO’s reasons are, it’s not winning them friends on the floor at this years Toy Fair as we cannot get in to show you their latest offerings. In case LEGO reads this, we are asking you to strongly reconsider whatever policies you may have on these restrictions and allow us to do our job on behalf of all the customers that buy your products.

We did take a picture of the Life-Size LEGO Mini-Figure on display this year outside their booth.

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