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At Mattel’s Press Panel at New York ToyFair 2014, they handed out a choice of Hydron or two DC Multiverse action figures to all attendees. We were very happy to receive Hydron so we could be one of the first sites to post a review 30 days before he is available to everyone. This is our first review of an advanced Masters Of The Universe Classics action figure and we want to thank Mattel for giving him out this year. We wish that Mattel would offer advanced figures to more websites so we can give readers a more advanced look, but unfortunately with tight budgets and rising costs that is not an option for them at this time.

With the direction of Mattel’s new roadmap 2014-2015, fans can rest assured they will get all the core New Adventures characters. Hydron is the leader of The Galactic Protectors and according to his bio, he would have appeared along with Icarius to seek the help of He-Man, She-Ra and several of surviving members of the Masters of the Universe after Skeletor fled to the stars after declaring victory in the Second Ultimate Battleground.

Availability: March 2014

Sculpt & Paint:

Hydron uses the standard MOTUC body with a newly tooled head, finns on his forearms, a scuba diver suit, oxygen tank, helmet, flippers for feet, and finns on the sides of his lower legs.

His helmet is made of clear plastic and is removable by first removing the yellow oxygen tank from the back and around his helmet, then simply remove the helmet by lifting it up. His head sculpt has a mouth piece  sculpted on and a non-removeable helmet with a finn on top. The scuba sculpt itself is very detailed with a knife sculpted onto his leg, and a clip for his weapon that only allows you to point it forward or backward, but not downward because of the direction of how the handle and clip were sculpted. It might have been better for him to store his weapon on his lower back below the oxygen tank as storing it to his side just looks odd.

The scuba suit is made out of rubber that is slightly bigger than his chest to get it off and on with ease. This makes the figure looks bulkier than he actually is. A tighter fit especially around the waste is needed.

On his calves and the bottom of his oxygen tank have two port holes for jets to use underwater, which is a very nice touch.

His color scheme works great and the blue and green scuba suit blend nicely. The red belt, grey, and yellow weapon and oxygen tank also work well with the overall color choices.


Standard for MOTUC.


Triton Spear Gun, removable helmet, and scuba gear.


Hydron is an excellent figure and features a great sculpt once again by The Four Horsemen.

Highly Recommended.


Real Name: Daniel Ripper Jr. 

Hydron is a space sea commander from the domed undersea city of Orca, situated not far from Tutus, a small island in the legendary Guardian Sea on Primis. He was ordered by Darius to locate the legendary twin warriors prophesized to defeat the Horde Empire. Arriving on Etheria shortly after Skeletor’s victory at the Second Ultimate Battleground, Hydron, and his Lietenant Icarius recruited not only He-Man and She-Ra, but several of the members of the Masters of the Universe who were eager to peruse Skeletor. Preferring the Triton Spear Gun, his weapon of choice is suitable for intergalactic as well as undersea fighting.


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