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The Four Horsemen introduced a new line of action figures in 6″ scale with some highly detailed deco and tooling called Seventh Kingdom with a convention exclusive in 2006. Following that success, they continued the line in 2007 and allowed fans to vote on which character, size, articulation and accessories he will come with.

Jumping ahead to 2014, Ramathorr was available again by the Four Horsemen in very limited stock to clean out their warehouse. What was left were bent blister cardboards and bubbles that the Horsemen never sold in 2007. When the sale went live, the Horsemen experienced so much traffic and sold out of most figures in 2 minutes, and everything else a couple of minutes later.

This shows how strong Seventh Kingdom is today with the fan base. Unfortunately with high costs to make 6″ figures, The Horsemen will not offer this size again after The Ravens ship, and will not go back into production on any Seventh Kingdom action figures. As far as Mystic Legions, that will be made in 4″ scale (think G.I. Joe and Star Wars size).

In the beast kingdom of Animynthus the voice of the people carries significant weight. Although the kingdom is justly ruled by the Great Mother Endromedda, it is the council of Anitheres that voices the Animythean citizen’s interests. Ambassadors from each of the kingdom’s cities gather to bring their peoples’ concerns to light. The great influence and responsibility associated with representing the people also carries the burden of considerable danger. Because of this inherent danger, each ambassador has his or her own council guards.

Ramathorr is the captain of the council guards. Equipped with a myriad of blades and an unmatched skill in wielding them, Ramathorr not only leads his guards, but also trains them to become unstoppable warriors. The Anitherian guards are more than just protectors of ambassadors, they represent protection for the people of Animynthus. Because of their great skill and power the council guards are all too often the target of the mutant king Malagorr. The mighty guards are ideal subjects for Malagorr’s unnatural mutations. These once noble warriors now stand hunched and broken, mutated into grotesque distortions of Malagorr’s own hideous image.

Availability: 2007

Sculpt & Paint:

Ramathorr features a highly detailed sculpt standing 9″ tall with a ton of detail and texture all through the grey skin, clothing, and armor. He has ridges on his thick, long truck and long tusks that are sculpted into the sides of his mouth with texture starting from the top and becomes smooth about a quarter of the way down. His ears are pierced and are long and thin at the top, then spread out at the sides. The top of his head is covered in jewelry .

The figure does have some weight to him, and the ankles on his are loose hinges and he does fall over rather easily. His upper shoulders and legs have armor on them, his chest is wrapped up in a brown cloth, and his hips protected by a golden skirt. The front of the skirt has tony squares and ships at the center, the bottom have golden arrow heads.

His weapons can be stored on his back, but we found that the two smaller blades are harder to store on the sides of the holster.


Ball jointed head, ball jointed shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, swivel wrists, swivel waist, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, hinged knees, swivel tail, and hinged ankles.


3 blades (2 short, 1 long sword).


The Four Horsemen did an incredible job with The Seventh Kingdom action figure line. If you can find them, we highly suggest that you pick these up.

Highly Recommended.


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