DC Infinite Earths Aquaman Review

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This is a sad month for DC fans of Mattel’s Infinite Series line. As of March 2014, we are one figure closer to the last release of this line. Despite Mattel’s efforts to continue the line last summer with only around 63% subscription sales, not enough fans supported the line and as a result, 2014 is the last year of this particular style of DC fans, which also closely matches in quality and paint application to Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line.

One question we have to ask ourselves is if was the fact that Mattel showed off the 1990’s Aquaman’s instead of Vixen or any number of other DC characters was the result of the low subscription sales, despite the price increase that is. Since 90’s Aquaman might not have been on everyone’s want list, was this the reason why you didn’t sign up? We have to ask, as we are still disappointed over the end of this line, and the fact it’s been released with Total Heroes, a line that in no way should be a replacement.

Availability: March 2014

Sculpt & Paint:

Aquaman is based on the 1990’s comic book series by Grant Morrison. He has a newly tooled head, torso, hook, and a retooled right arm and legs. The head sculpt is excellent and exceptionally detailed with a flow to the hair over his right shoulder. The armor is sculpted onto his torso, and the hook was not given swivel articulation and caused a limitation to his poses. The legs have been retooled with finn’s and texture on the sides.


Standard for DCUC/DCIE. The hook does not swivel.




Most DC fans should probably consider picking him up as this is one of the nicest looking Aquaman figures released from Mattel. The Horsemen have once again done an incredible job sculpting him.

Highly Recommended.

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