Transformers Platinum Series – Year Of The Horse – Supreme Starscream Review

There is no scheme too low for Starscream. His all-consuming hunger for absolute power overcomes what little reason there is in him, driving him to adopt ever more vile plots in his quest to unseat Megatron as leader of the Decepticons. No matter how wildly irresponsible the plot, he will take any chance he thinks might grant him more power. Over the years, he has poisoned his systems with more arcane and unstable technology than any other Decepticon, and one day he will pay the price.

Starscream is back and more supreme than ever! Everyone will know that this mighty Year of the Horse Supreme Starscream figure is the most dangerous Decepticon around, because he’s bristling with weapons. He’s a 2-fisted threat with a snap-out energy sword in one hand and a flip-out null-ray cannon in the other. His blasting and battle sounds will amp up the battle, and his mighty shoulder cannons glow as they fire! When he needs to blast off for in-air combat, he can convert to armored jet mode and launch his missile at unsuspecting Autobots. Your Transformers adventures will be off the hook with this Supreme Starscream figure!