Ask DST #250: A Milestone In Miscellaneous

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Diamond Select Toys posted the next round of their Ask DST for Minimates.

After a slight delay as we planned for this week’s San Diego Comic-Con, we here at Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum are proud to present the 250th installment of Ask DST, with answers to your questions provided by DST president DSTChuck himself! Usually, you have to give Chuck a cookie to get him to spill his secrets, but for 250 columns now, he has opened the floodgates of hope, truth and disappointment so that fans might better know what goes on behind the doors of DST. This week’s batch of miscellaneous questions may be small, but they have a lot of heart!

Durwen M.
Will you be making a high quality model of the Battlestar Galactica or Battlestar Pegasus?
Thank you for your fantastic work on the Star Trek ships!

DSTChuck: Sorry, we have no plans at this time to work on more Galactica merchandise.

Andrew F.
Can you shed any light on what is happening with the Toys “R” Us stores in the North East? New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, etc. None of these stores ever carried either the Tomb Raider minimates or the Marvel Wave 18 ‘mates. 

DSTChuck: Andrew, we have no control over which store they send our products to, but I do know not all of our products are brought into all stores. Some of the smaller stores do not have room in their plans for all of our products.

Onin S.
Hi Chuck, My son and I love the Marvel Select Figures you guys have. I am wondering if there is any way I can convince you guys at Diamond to do an Odin, Hercules, Wonderman, Living Tribunal, Galactus, Champion and or Gladiator. Just putting these names out there with my son and I crossing our fingers that we can convince you guys to do these figures even if just one? I think lots of your fans would love these figures too. Again thanks for the great work!

DSTChuck:I don’t think any of those are in our immediate plans, but never say never.

Josh C.
Hey, DST! Have you guys ever thought about doing a really comprehensive “behind the scenes”/”making of” series for some of your products? I know you guys have a youtube channel which is great for showing upcoming products, but I’d love to see on there a start to finish look at how, say, a Marvel Select figure is made. The planning, the art, the sculpting process, the packaging design, things like that. It’s something I’m genuinely curious about as a fledgling toy sculptor myself, and I think your products are stellar enough that people would also really like to see where they come from! Thanks!

DSTChuck: We have done some of that in the past, and for SURE we’ve talked about doing something like that, I think its just a matter of not having enough time to do all we would like to do. But I’m sure DSTZach will be reading this, so you never know.

Onin S. 
Hi! Just want to ask if you guys are planning to produce action figures the upcoming expendables 3 film? I saw your upcoming sin city figures and pulp fiction. Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke have great sculpt there and I was wondering if you possibly have the rights to produce their respective characters in expendables, Willis (as Church) and Rourke (as Tool). Thanks.

DSTChuck: While we would have loved to make figures for Expendables 3, we will not be able to. The issue with the second movie was that the studio was not able to get likeness rights for figures for most of the cast, and the ones they did get took a good deal of time to clear, so we’re going to have to pass this time.

Adam M. 
I think it’s been asked before, but I have to ask again – any chance of a large electronic (ala Star Trek) Battlestar Galactica? The old Hasbro Titanium Ultra version, and even the smaller version, still go for ridiculously high prices on ebay indicating there’s still strong demand for them!

DSTChuck: Sorry, right now we have no plans to make more Galactica merchandise.

Brian M.
To Whom It may Concern:
Many people around me, personally, and also those I’ve noticed on the internet, are hoping and praying (with the GI Joe 3.75″ tall figures back in toy stores), that Diamond Select will make a 1:15 scale size Airwolf Helicopter, dedicated to the classic 1980s TV show. I am one of those people who are also hoping that Diamond Select makes a 1:15 scale toy of Airwolf. The Brand True Hereos is doing well selling through Toys R Us; especially with their aircraft line like the Black Hawk Helicopter, and the Apache Helicopter. There has also been some chatter on and (forum section). I just think this would be a great sell, and cool product for many toy collectors, particularly the average military toy collector. On behalf of every Airwolf fan who is also a Diamond Select fan, I thank you for your time, and hope you will explore this request. Take Care and God Bless.
Brian Michalek

DSTChuck: For SURE Brian I loved that show, and we have considered it, but every time I ask sales, they say there is not enough interest from the buyers. But we’ll keep trying!

Bernie M.
Hello, is there any plans to make either full size or minimate-sized Aliens APC or Dropship? Also will there be Vasque or Drake with smartgun figure? Thank You.

DSTChuck: I suppose vehicles are possible, but we’re going to wait and see how the items we’re about to put into stores do before we make any decisions. Our current Minimate plans do include smartguns, however.

Bridget C.
Are you going to put out any more Universal Monster banks???? (I hope so)

DSTChuck: I do not know if we plan to do more past the Metaluna Mutant.

Shandon W.
Are there any more plans for Munsters Select figures?

DSTChuck: I think the three series of figures we did are going to be it. We have nothing else planned at this time. Sorry.

Michael S.
Good morning,
Do you see a time where you will ever revisit or finish the “Enterprise” line? I started collecting some of the 7″ figures only to find that parts of the line were stopped before completion. More specifically the Broken Bow and Broken Bow Deluxe figures. I read that the Ensign Mayweather Helm Console made it through to the prototype production stage but was never released. With that being the last planned section for completion of the bridge, it makes it somewhat a necessity for collectors. As for the “Basic” Broken Bow stand-alone figures, since the concept drawings and packaging were already done for the Hoshi Sato and Dr. Phlox figures in their duty uniforms, it wouldn’t seem to be to much more work to finish this out. Finally, for the “Away Team” wave of figures the inclusion of Lieutenant Reed and Ensign Mayweather would make a great deal of sense, especially for LT. Reed, considering the amount of screen time he spent in the EVA suit compared to Phlox’s character. I have seen a few blogs that have also stated many of the fans wished these figures would have been realized. Everyone seems to agree that the sculpts and details of the figures already produced were fantastic, but since the line was incomplete we were left feeling a little short changed. Even if there were no new characters added (which would be unfortunate), the completion of the above would satisfy die hard Star Trek collectors! Not just fans of the series, but Trekies galore looking to just finish out a line of memorabilia that adds depth to their collection. By posing my questions I hope to hear that there is still a chance we may see these items, even if it is not for a while. The consideration of this on your teams part would be very happy news for many. Who knows maybe your team will even decide to add a few new characters based on this series to or even complete the bridge sections. Hey, we can alway hope, right? Thanks for your time.

DSTChuck: We have no plans to go back and make the figures that were not made when the Enterprisefigures first came out. We like to say “never say never” around here, but this is about as close as you’re going to get to a closed book. Sorry.

Okay, so not all of them were happy answers, but check back next week for an all-Marvel Ask DST, and submit your questions for future columns up top!