Masters Of The Universe Classics Flutterina Review

Masters of the Universe Classics Flutterina 01

Before we go ahead and start this review, we want to thank everybody that took part in saving the 2015 Club Eternia subscription and especially those that bought multiple subscriptions, promoted it, and all of the fans out there that are so dedicated to the longevity of the line. We will have a special commentary for Wishlist Wednesday on September 3rd, 2014 about what we think Mattel should do for Masters of the Universe Classics 2016. Make sure to check the site then!

It was shocking that the subscription was so close to not happening as the Kowlometer was around 50% even before Mattel revealed anything officially at San Diego Comic-Con. From there, it climbed very slowly to 77%. Thankfully, Mattel took the chance and extended the deadline to one more weekend. With some last minute purchases, the Kowlometer reacher another 23%, making a total of 100.9% needed to continue the line one more year so everyone can finish the vintage line in Classics style. It’s great to see that a 2015 line is happening and we can’t wait to see what Mattel has in store for fans.

August 2014 had two Princess Of Power characters with Flutterina, and Madame Razz. For New Adventures fans, NA Skeletor along with the robotic Faker head was released making this month a POP and NA release. All three figures look great and again, if 2014 is this awesome, we can’t wait for 2015!

Availability: August 2014

Sculpt & Paint:

Flutterina features some reused parts with previous POP characters, and includes newly sculpted wings, head, chest armor, and boots. Her wings have a texture to them and have layers to them on the front, and groves on the back (this sample has some purple paint spots on the back of her wing). She has a very nice head sculpt and chest armor different than any other POP character.

She is painted in an orange outfit, with blue, metallic gold, metallic orange trim on the outfit and shield, and white, pink, gold, purple, and blue wings (the wings are not painted and instead are made out of foam and rubber).


Standard for MOTUC. Her ankles can also swivel on the side.


Sword, shield.


Flutterina is an excellent figure and we are very happy with how the wings came out.

Highly Recommended.


Real Name: Abby De’note

After the Horde invaded her home planet and overthrew most of the local monarchs, Flutterina was driven underground and joined with the Great Rebellion. As a member of the Beautifly Council, she was magically gifted with fairy wings giving her the ability to fly unnoticed around most foes. This skill makes her an ideal spy and reconnaissance officer. After the Horde located a Laser Gate back to Eternia, she agreed to follow along with She-Ra and several other warriors in pursuit. Flutterina eventually fell in love with Randor’s new Man-At-Arms and opted to stay with him on Eternia after the Second Ultimate Battleground. Flutterina uses her powers of flight to chase off those who make mischief for her friends!


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