Transformers Collectors’ Club FSS 3.0 Pre-Orders Now Live


The Transformers Collectors’ Club is now taking pre-orders for the Figure Subscription Service 3.0 until October 2nd, 2014. Shown below is Krok, with more reveals to come.

The service is available to anyone who is a member of the Transformers Collectors’ Club. The cost of this additional service is $297 (plus shipping). You can pay all at once or in 3 installments. The 6 toys that make up the TFSS 3.0 are: KROK, NACELLE, TARANTULAS, CARZAP, SERPENT O.R. and G2 STARSCREAM. In addition to that you will receive a BONUS 7th figure to be mailed out with your final shipment.

Keep an eye on and on our official Facebook and Twitter pages for additional details. You can order now or wait until you have seen all six final mock up figures. The choice is yours as again, anyone who orders by ….. is guaranteed the complete set of toys upon completion of full payment.




Function: Agitprop

“Know the game and you can win a battle; know the players and you can win the war.”

Millions of years ago, Krok was a celebrity mecha-soccer player, leading Polyhex City to championship after championship. After he was recruited by Megatron, his sophisticated demeanor and easy charisma made for a smooth transition from endorsing products to advocating for the Decepticon cause. Believes that a few powerful personalities can do more to win a war than a battalion of Blitz.

Based on the 1990 Actionmaster, Krok joins a slew of other characters from the 1990 Transformers toy line that have now received the much desired update! Although this may be the best one yet!! Featuring an ALL-NEW head sculpt AND his Micron partner Gatoraider, this figure is at the top of many lists!

Transformers 2015 Subscription Figure - Nacelle


“Blasting you is as cathartic as streamlining one’s fuselage.”

NACELLE is almost as much at home in the battlefield as he was back in his old laboratory at Tesarus.  He has a keen mind for the sciences having worked alongside BITSTREAM and HOTLINK under STARSCREAM’s Helex-Ensis Decepticon Research & Advancement team. Upon the Nemesis’s departure to Earth, he was assigned as a lab assistant to SHOCKWAVE. During that time NACELLE engineered the modified wing designs used for the second wave of Earth-bound Seekers; eventually adapting one of the prototypes into his own chassis.

Nacelle is a brand-new character to the modern era of Transformers, yet his design is based on an unreleased action figure from the earliest days of the Transformers brand. The figure features the BotCon 2007 Thrust wings (never available at retail), that will look spectacular once again on this exciting figure!

Transformers 2015 Subscription Figure - Tarantulas



FUNCTION: Scientific Analysis

“The secrets of the universe are coded in every Cybertronian’s spark…
and I won’t stop cutting until I find them!”

Tarantulas is a being without a history. In his rush to remove Jhiaxus’ clones from his laboratory before the Autobots discovered its location, Sky-Byte mistakenly extracted four stasis pods of unknown origin. The emergent robots immediately declared for the Predacon cause, some might say suspiciously quickly. Of the four robots, Tarantulas has since discovered an endless fascination with experimental science, especially seeking any opportunity for vivisection.

Finally, after a long wait, the Dawn of Future’s past character fans have wanted for their set is here! Tarantulas is more than just a Predacon though, and he will be a great fit for many a fans collection! Tarantulas comes with TWO Micron spiders!

Transformers 2015 Subscription Figure - Carzap



FUNCTION: Autobot Forward Patrol

“One moment can change everything. When that moment comes again,
how will you decide to do things differently?”

One of the very young Generation 2 Autobots created during the earth led G2 project. Having been assigned to Japan he has adopted the culture as his own. Enjoys taking part in fast-paced sports, but is not brash or impulsive. His personal philosophy has been shaped by the race track – life is a loop. That’s not to say that he’s a pessimist, but he believes in patience. If you miss out on one opportunity, you just might be able to find another. Respectful of his new squad leader, Rapido.

CarZap feature an ALL-NEW head sculpt based on the Generation 2 toy Windbreaker, but the deco? The deco is based on the unreleased Block Town colors and that makes for one sharp bot! ALSO included is a Kre-O block set (where you can build your very own gas pump/laser blaster) AND a GB Blackrock Kreon, totally bringing the whole Block Town concept to fans at long last!

Transformers 2015 Subscription Figure - Serpent O.R.




“I remember crossing the Alps on Elephant-back, outflanking the Maginot Line, and marching ‘cross
the Rubicon. What hopes then have mine enemies?”

After his encounter with four Autobots rekindled his lust for domination, a washed-out terrorist tracked down the discarded body of a Sweep and used it to as a recipient for data from an old Cobra project to combine the military acumen from the greatest strategic minds of Earth’s past. The EDC disrupted the operation, but in the process General Clayton “Hawk” Abernathy was knocked into a Brainwave Scanner and his personality uploaded to the amalgamated consciousness. The result is a being who, nominally, identifies with Cobra and their occasional allies, the Decepticons, and yet finds himself sympathetic to the cause of the Earth Defense Command, which he remembers founding and leading.

Yo Joe! Or. Hail Cobra? Go Decepticons!?! “You’ll have to wait and see where Serpent O.R.’s loyalties lie, but one thing that is certain is the character, first introduced in “G.I. Joe VS Transformers: The Art of War”, pays great homage to this very complex robot. Sign up for the TFSS 3.0 to get him. As Serpent O.R. would say…THIS I COMMAND!

Transformers 2015 Subscription Figure - G2 Starscream


“I’ve conquered death; nothing is beyond my grasp!”

After floating aimlessly for what seemed like eons, the indestructible spark of STARSCREAM awakened in a new corporeal form. His solitude did nothing to temper his treachery or vanity as he’s only become more unbearable and cruel. These are traits he feels will be put good
use in this new time and place.

G2 Starscream features an amazing color deco based on his original Generation 2 action figure from 1993. With its combination of white, gray, orange, and purple, it’s unlike anything else that has appeared on the Classics Seeker mold. You will want this figure for your collection!


The cost of the 6 figure subscription service is $297 (+ shipping for 6 shipments).  You can pay all at once or in three installments of $99 (billed to your credit card). When you subscribe and choose pay by Installment, you will be billed for the first two month’s shipments.  Then sometime during the second month, you will be billed for the 3rd and 4th months’ shipments and sometime
during the 4th month you will be billed for the final 2 months’ shipments.

Please note that for the installment payment option there is a $4 service charge per billing
while the pay in full option has one $4 service charge.

This Figure Subscription Service is a “build to order process” so you can order as many as you like, until the order period closes. At that time, we will not process anymore subscriptions and we may/may not have additional figures in the club store at a higher per figure price.  Final figures colors/names/accessories may vary from the above descriptions and pictures.