Wishlist Wednesday – DC Collectibles New 52 Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro Corps & Red Lanterns


In this weeks edition of Wishlist Wednesday, we are going to talk about Green Lantern action figures we want to see made by DC Collectibles, as they are currently the only company that will be continuing to make collector-aimed 6″ DC action figures at this time. With DC Comics relaunching the DC Universe under the name New 52, there have not been too many choices of Green Lantern action figure outside of Hal Jordan, or another A-list Green Lantern and nothing for Sinestro Corps, Red Lanterns, or other factions.

While DC Collectibles has been focusing their efforts on other DC characters, there are plenty of Green Lanterns to be made that we feel will sell considering how popular Blackest Night still is.

This week, we are asking DC Collectibles to look at the New 52 Green Lantern, Red Lantern, and Sinestro Corps comic books and to look at making the following characters:


Green Lantern Hannu (Green Lantern Corps)


Green Lantern Brik (Green Lantern Corps)


Green Lantern Sheriff Mardin (Green Lantern Corps)


Red Lantern Bleeze (Red Lantern Corps)


Red Lantern Fury-6 (Red Lantern Corps)


 Red Lantern Zilius Zox (Red Lantern Corps)


 Red Lantern Vice (Red Lantern Corps)


Sinestro Corps Slushh, Tekik, Bedovian, Murr The Melting Man, Lyssa Drak, Tri-Eye