Wishlist Wednesday – Transformers Collectors’ Club Figure Subscription Service Beast Wars Megatron

BW Megatron 2

Back in 2004, the previous organizers of The Official Transformers Collectors Convention (OTFCC) were planning to renew their Transformers license with Hasbro for 2005 but were declined by Hasbro and ultimately declared bankruptcy. This action had cancelled many planned toy exclusives, comics, and other merchandise that were not meant to be.

If you recall these events, you might also remember the leaked images of the BotCon 2005 exclusives (or OTFCC) that hit the internet after the announcement from the OTFCC was made.

One figure that stayed in our heads even a decade later was this Beast Wars Megatron figure that was planned to use the body of RiD Megatron, and even come with his rubber ducky as seen in the Beast Wars animated series. This would have been a great exclusive and we feel that this figure could fit very well with the Transformers Figure Subscription Service.

This week, we are asking Pete Sinclair and Brian Savage of Fub Publications and their team (the current organizers of BotCon) to consider making this Megatron figure as part of the Figure Subscription Service, or as a BotCon exclusive. If the Rid Megatron mold is not an option and Hasbro wants something else, we would suggest he mold of Transformers Prime Wingspan with a new head for Beast Wars Megatron and include the rubber ducky.

The images below and text were saved by a member of our staff when these first showed up on the internet back in 2004/2005 in the event that Hasbro had these images pulled. We are thankful that he still had them, as we wanted to show you the planned Beast Wars Megatron toy and others in this weeks edition of Wishlist Wednesday. For your reference, here is a list of what was revealed:

These images you have seen are part of the planned exclusives for the 2005 year. These sketches where part of a 75 page proposal sent to Hasbro for the renewal of the convention license in 2005.

Brawn and Roadbuster, as you see, where split molded with different heads from the Strongarm mold. Each would have came with a new Energon weapon, much like the weapons featured with the Energon basics on shelves currently, as well as the Energon axe that came with the Strongarm mold originally. Brawn would have came with Energon gauntlets that fit over his fist in robot mode – Brawn is the Wreckers’ demolitionist specialist. Roadbuster would have came with an assault rifle based on the G1 design that came with the original toy.

Devcon is remolded from Energon Slugslinger. The remolded parts that you see are the head, based on the G1 cartoon design. However, what you do not see are the wing mounted Energon missles/gun turrets that would have given the toy an almost entirely different look in vehicle mode.

Hot Spot/Defensor is obviously in close to finished form here. The paint masters where with Hasbro as stated at the 2004 Organizers’ panel. If the convention license would have been lost, this would have been the 2005 Collector’s Club exclusive. This figure would have been made, in some fashion, for the fans.

BW Megatron is obviously remolded from RID Megatron. The head would have been completely new, and there where plans as well for the feet/dragon heads to be remolded to more closely resemble the TM2 Megatron design. What you don’t see in these designs however is the planned additional accessory … Megatron’s favorite bathtime buddy … his rubber duck.

BW Megatron 2 BW Megatron 1 Devcon 2 Devcon 1 Hotspot 2 Hotspot 1 Truck mode Defensor 2 Defensor 1 Brawn 2 Brawn 1 Roadbuster 2 Roadbuster 1