Star Wars Scout Trooper Sixth Scale Figure Pre-Orders Now Available



Star Wars Scout Trooper Sixth Scale Figure – Exclusive Edition
Star Wars Scout Trooper Sixth Scale Figure

This figure is priced at $189.99 and is expected to ship in July 2015. Buy both this and the Speeder Bike and save $25 (see links for details).

Far more mobile than Stormtrooper units, Imperial Scout Troopers were assigned to the forest moon of Endor to patrol perimeters, perform reconnaissance missions, and identify enemy positions. Capable of reaching breakneck speeds on their Speeder Bikes, the Scout Troopers raced between the trees in an unforgettable chase against Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, as they attempted to warn the shield generator stations of the Rebel Alliance’s presence during the Battle of Endor.

Armed to provide rear-guard cover with their blaster and sniper rifle, the Scout Troopers are trained as efficient survivalists, equipped with lightweight armor, utility belt, sidearm boot holster, and helmets with enhanced macrobinocular view plates for efficient target acquisition. Displayed with a forest terrain base, or piloting the Sixth Scale Imperial Speeder Bike (sold separately), these loyal scouts are ready to be assigned to their post.

What’s in the Box?

Fully articulated Prometheus body
Detailed Scout Trooper helmet
Chest and back armor
Right and left shoulder armor
Right and left upper arm armor
Right and left forearm armor
Right and left knee armor
Belt with detonator
Right and left standing boot tops
Right and left action boot tops
Right and left boot bottom
Hold out blaster pistol
Right and left small C-Grip
Left large C-Grip
Left point finger
Right two finger trigger
Right one finger trigger
Figure support stand
Forest Scene Stealer Base Accessory (Patent Pending)
E-11 long rifle

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