Ask DST 254: Miscellaneous, That’s Us!

Ask DST 254: Miscellaneous, That’s Us!

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Diamond Select Toys posted the next round of fans questions for miscellaneous topics including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Universal Monsters, and more!

Richard W.
Any chances of an updated “Universal Monsters” figures of The Mummy or The Invisible man with better pose-ability? Maybe a figure of Ardath Bey?

DSTChuck: Richard, they have not been designed yet, but if we did them they would be sculpted by Jean St. Jean, so I would expect a similar look and design to what we have done recently.

Dakota B.
Hey guys! I love the new TMNT banks you guys have released. They are spectacular. They were taken right from the show! I had a suggestion. If you guys could make a Leatherhead bust bank, it would seriously be the greatest collectable I’d ever own; a dream come true! I’d buy at least 5! Leatherhead in the new show is a HUGE fan favorite and would for sure be a hit with your market. Please think about doing it for us, I know I would be forever grateful! Thanks! -Dakota

DSTChuck: I think for sure we are going to do at least one refresh to the bank line, but we’ll have to see which other characters for sure get covered.

Jack M.
I was just wondering if you would ever do a bioshock series ever or even an exclusive pack or something along those lines?

DSTChuck: Right now we do not have rights to Bioshock, but never say never.

Rick E.
So, at SDCC, there was supposed to be a new line announced at your panel. However, there has been zero coverage. What was that line, and if you are unable to announce it, can we get a hint? Select figures? Minimates? Movie, video game, TV show? Thanks!

DSTChuck: I think we announced a good bit of new stuff at both panels, so hopefully you have seen the news by now.

Anthony H.
Hi, my name is Anthony and I am a huge fan of the Minimates. Also, I am also a big fan of Marvel comics/movies. However, I’m curious about Assassins Creed rights. I feel like this question has been asked a lot so I am sorry but have you guys tried to get the license? Correct me if i am wrong but i think you said that ubisoft was not interested, i can’t remember. But is the assassin’s creed license something you guys would like to get or is it not really a main priority right now?

DSTChuck: Sorry but we do not have the rights to Assassin Creed, and I know McFarlane Toys has it right now for action figures.

Daniel L.
Hi, I just got the Sin City 7″ action figures and they are great. Will there be more Sin City figures coming? And what is the status on Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill 7″ action figures, will it be out in 2014? Thanks

DSTChuck: Daniel, if the sales are there, we have designs and sculpts for three series of Sin City figures. It we’re fortunate enough to get those figures to market and they sell well, we’ll keep going. Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill are still in various stages of approval. However, I do not think they will be in stores in 2014.

Phil C.
Hello! With DST releasing more and more licenses in the Selectline, any chance your Buffy and Angel “Revamped” project could see the light of day as “Select”? I’d forgotten about these, but with the interchangeable legs, these were precursors to your Star Trek line – and I doubt I’m the only person who would like some new Buffy action figures. Hasn’t the time come round again? Is Buffy/Angel even a license DST still manages? Thanks!

DSTChuck: I think we’d LOVE to do more Buffy figures, but right now there is not the interest there to carry something like an action figure line. If we ever did make more figures, YES I think Select would be the way we would go.

Tad G.
Not sure if this is the right forum for this question, but The B9 Lost in Space Robot – I read somewhere that the prototype shown at SDCC was not finished-product-accurate in some details and paint finishes. Which I see as a good thing, as it appeared more toy than robot. Could you let us (me) know what details will probably change when this moves into production? Thanks!

DSTChuck: I do not know how many changes there will be between the SDCC version and the final product, but I can say it will be as accurate as possible, and keep in mind this is an “inexpensive” toy, not an actual robot.

Jason W.
I really dig the Diamond Select SFX cars. I have ones from BTTF and Knight Rider. My REAL question is: Are you guys gonna make SFX Batmobiles including the Batpod from The Dark Knight and the Bat from The Dark Knight Rises? Plus a SFX Ecto 1 and Ecto 1A would be awesome too!

DSTChuck: We do not have rights to any of the Batmobiles, but one of those would be very cool!

Jamie H.
Is Diamond Select ever planning on making more Mad Monster Party figures?

DSTChuck: I really wish we’d been able to produce at least a second series, but the interest was just not there for the first series to go forward with more figures.

Justin L.
Do you all have plans for Sin City action figures in color? What about for the upcoming movie? In color too?

DSTChuck: Sorry, the rights we negotiated only cover the first movie, so we have no plans to produce figures for Dame to Kill For at this time. But there will be color versions of the Series 1 figures available at specific retailers.

Rick E.
X-Files. Sculpted by Jean St. Jean. Please say it’s on your short list of things to do. Please?

DSTChuck: I can’t say we have not tossed around the idea of X-Files products, but nothing is cooking at this time.

Trey W.
Hi, I picked up the SDCC Yoda spirit bank and was wondering if you are going to release banks for Obi Wan and Anakin to complete the set.

DSTChuck: We already did a Vader in that style, but we’ve never done a classic Obi-Wan bank, so a spirit version would not be possible at this time.

Alex Y.
I would love to see you guys make a 1:15 scale of the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard. I love how Kitt and Karr are and I think there awesome too. So please let me know if that is a possibility of making a 1:15 scale General Lee car please. Thank you so much you guys make awesome toys and collectibles for us to enjoy.

DSTChuck: Right now we have not planned for that, but we’ve discussed it for sure.

Neil S.
Hello, I recently heard about the my little pony banks coming out and I was wondering if you would be interested in making one based off of the discord statue. I think a lot of people would be interested in it. Thanks for your time!

DSTChuck: We’d like to produce MLP in groups of three banks, with two being more mainstream ponies and the third being more a collector pony, but where that will lead I can’t say for sure right now.

Lucas F.
Diamond Hello, I am a collector Lucas from Brazil and I am very satisfied with his work on marvel select line, I wonder if you have plans for the guardians of the galaxy. Thank you.

DSTChuck: Sorry, Lucas, we have no plans at this time for GotG movie Select figures.

Jeff B.
I love your line on universal monsters.  My question is – will we see another Dracula in the figure with more articulation?  The figure looks great but it’s essentially a plastic statue with very limited articulation and not really an action figure for posing. Thanks!

DSTChuck: Right now, no plans, BUT if we keep going with this line I think for sure that’s something we’d look at.

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