Marvel Legends Jubilee Wave X-Men Legends Not Shipping To Comic Shops Now?


Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Jubilee Wave X-Men Legends set consisting of Wolverine, Magneto, Stryfe, Cyclops, Storm, and Jubilee (build-a-figure) is no longer shipping to comic shops according to a comic shop owner we spoke to today when asking about our order through them. Diamond Comics Distributors said they do not have enough stock to allocate so nobody will be getting it.

This wave was first released at Toys “R” Us with very bad distribution,and was supposed to ship to comic shops a few weeks later. Right now your best bet to put it isĀ online retailers like BigBadToyStore.

We’ve already emailed questions in to both Hasbro and Diamond Comics in hoping to shed some light on the situation. Stay tuned for updates!