‘Ask Matty’ For October 1st, 2014 – Your Questions Answered


We received our questions back from Scott Neitlich “Toyguru,” Mattel’s Marketing Manager for all toy lines sold on Mattycollector.com. We want to thank Scott once again for taking the time to answer these questions! 

First off, congratulations that Club Eternia 2015 is happening! Since SDCC, the kowlometer just slowed down and I was worried that it wouldn’t make it. With it only reaching 100.9%, does this change or cancel anything planned as a bonus outside of the vintage line? Like a 200X head pak, Mini-subscriptions, etc.?

At this time, as you noted with the main sub just squeaking by, that will be our focus for now.

Toyguru, I was wondering about Snake Teela and Snake Mekaneck. If a 200X mini-sub is in the works, and the possible 2016 line, do you think there’s enough fan interest in these variants?

Always a chance, but likely not in 2015 due to the whole “roadmap” direction to complete the vintage line.

The DC Four Horsemen Style figures and/or accessories, are there any other unannounced but completed molds that were finished that never saw a release? If so, do you think that after Unleashed Doomsday is released, Mattel might consider dusting it off as a future special offering?

We just don’t have the customer base to support more DCU 6″ figures at this time. The 2014 sub was fan’s opportunity to support more figures and it did not get enough support.

Is Lizard Man’s tail articulated?

No it does not move.

Since the cancellation of the 6″ Total Heroes Ultra line on Matty, does this mean that the only way to purchase 6″ DC figures is at retail in 2015? Or is there a after Doomsday?

Correct. Doomsday will be the final figure in the 4HM 6″ line either online or at retail. The 6″ scale however may continue at retail with other lines such as Total Heroes that uses this scale.