LEGO Pirates Sets To Return In 2015

LEGO Pirates Sets To Return In 2015


LEGO has released official images of their just announced Pirates sets to return in 2015. There has been a much anticipated return of the LEGO Pirate ship line especially since the movie featured a pirate, and fans of this line can once again build their LEGO Pirates army with a new ship and accessories.

  • LEGO Pirates 2015 Shipwreck Defense 70409 
  • LEGO Pirates 2015 Soldiers’ Outpost 70410 
  • LEGO Pirates 2015 Treasure Island 70411 
  • LEGO Pirates 2015 Soldiers’ Fort 70412 
  • LEGO Pirates 2015 The Brick Bounty 70413 
  • LEGO Pirates 2015 Pirate Treasure Hunt 10679

LEGO-Pirates-Pirate-Treasure-Hunt-10679 LEGO-Pirates-Pirate-Treasure-Hunt-10679-1 LEGO-Pirates-Shipwreck-Defense-70409 LEGO-Pirates-Shipwreck-Defense-70409-1 LEGO-Pirates-Soldiers-Fort-70412 LEGO-Pirates-Soldiers-Fort-70412-1 LEGO-Pirates-Soldiers-Outpost-70410 LEGO-Pirates-Soldiers-Outpost-70410-1 LEGO-Pirates-The-Brick-Bounty-70413 LEGO-Pirates-The-Brick-Bounty-70413-1 LEGO-Pirates-The-Brick-Bounty-70413-2

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