LEGO Pirates Sets To Return In 2015


LEGO has released official images of their just announced Pirates sets to return in 2015. There has been a much anticipated return of the LEGO Pirate ship line especially since the movie featured a pirate, and fans of this line can once again build their LEGO Pirates army with a new ship and accessories.

  • LEGO Pirates 2015 Shipwreck Defense 70409 
  • LEGO Pirates 2015 Soldiers’ Outpost 70410 
  • LEGO Pirates 2015 Treasure Island 70411 
  • LEGO Pirates 2015 Soldiers’ Fort 70412 
  • LEGO Pirates 2015 The Brick Bounty 70413 
  • LEGO Pirates 2015 Pirate Treasure Hunt 10679

LEGO-Pirates-Pirate-Treasure-Hunt-10679 LEGO-Pirates-Pirate-Treasure-Hunt-10679-1 LEGO-Pirates-Shipwreck-Defense-70409 LEGO-Pirates-Shipwreck-Defense-70409-1 LEGO-Pirates-Soldiers-Fort-70412 LEGO-Pirates-Soldiers-Fort-70412-1 LEGO-Pirates-Soldiers-Outpost-70410 LEGO-Pirates-Soldiers-Outpost-70410-1 LEGO-Pirates-The-Brick-Bounty-70413 LEGO-Pirates-The-Brick-Bounty-70413-1 LEGO-Pirates-The-Brick-Bounty-70413-2