Stolen! Where’s That Marvel Legends Jubilee Build-A-Figure Arm, Amazon!?!

Marvel Legends Jubilee Wave Magneto Figure

Since our report (here and here) that Diamond Comics Distributors are sold out of the Marvel Legends Jubilee wave, I went ahead and bought the wave off of only to get a very unwelcomed surprise.

While the other figures from the line were fine and came with the Jubilee part, Magneto was missing the Jubilee arm. Each figure I bought was shipped from Amazon, Magneto was also shipped from Amazon but sold from from the seller Heroes In Action. Either that seller took the arm or someone at Amazon did.

The part that I find irritating is that Diamond was supposed to ship this wave to comic shops and not just Toys “R” Us. So I waited patiently for months only to be told they were sold out. To be fair, Diamond did ship to some comic shops or so we were told (see this article), the owner of my local comic shop apparently is still unable to acquire this wave for me even and he was told they were sold out even after our report that Diamond still has stock, so I had to go the Amazon route. This would have been fine, if Magneto had that Jubilee arm.

So just a word of warning, always be careful what you buy off of Amazon and I probably should have bought the wave from BigBadToyStore. As far as future Marvel Legends waves that are exclusive to Toys “R” Us and Diamond, I hope that Hasbro rethinks the Toys “R” Us and Diamond exclusive policy as this just doesn’t work. You can’t find this wave at Toys “R” Us and even if you did, they only get at least one case in and never restock. Diamond should have made sure that they filled all comic shop orders as well especially for those like me, can get our figures and review them.