October Toys Skeleton Warriors Baron Dark And Titan Skeleton Prototype Images

October Toys Skeleton Warriors Baron Dark And Titan Skeleton Prototype Images


October Toys provides prototype images of Baron Dark and Titan Skeleton prototype images:

Hello everyone! We finally have some first shot pictures to show you! Before we get to that, let us give you an update. The first shots seen in dark blue below (actually the second shots technically, more on that as we go) are looking great! We have a couple comments for the factory to finish up the figure (they are already on it) then it is on to the production run after we see that. Things are moving along nicely!

On to the pics! Sorry about the blue sample being a little hard to see details on. You don’t get to pick the sample colors, it’s generally made from a regrind plastic and is whatever color they have in the machine at the time. This time it was a dark blue.

Up first is the Titan Skeleton holding one of the metal weapons from our Metal Weapons 3 pack! (reminder that the metal weapons 3-pack is currently available here.

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Thanks again for checking out the pics here and we’ll keep you up to date as we get more samples in in a few weeks.

We also have two news items if you are interested…

Designer Con is coming up November 8th and 9th in Pasadena CA! http://www.designercon.com/  We will be showing the test shots there so if you can make it, please stop by booth 402 and say hello and play test them with me!  We won’t have them for sale since they will still be in production, but check out the samples!  Pick up a pack of metal weapons! Plus Goddard Film Group will have a booth right next to us and they will be showing off a ton of original Skeleton Warriors art and merchandise from the archive!

We have another Kickstarter project that runs until Friday October 17th for our newest series of OMFG mini figures.  If you like toys (and who doesn’t?) come check them out!  http://kck.st/1oebzgQ

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