NYCC 2014 – Hasbro Press Event Final Thoughts

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Hasbro’s New York Comic-Con 2014 press event was held exclusively for VIP’s at an undisclosed location not at Jacob Javits Convention Center. At the showroom they had prototypes for Marvel Infinite Series 3.75″, Avengers: Age of Ultron Marvel Legends, Star Wars The Black Series, Star Wars Rebels, Transformers Generations, Transformers Prime, and various other lines like My Little Pony and Nerf, which we did not cover. All of our coverage is currently on the front page, or use the category New York Comic-Con 2014.

The only brand team members there was for Transformers, and not Marvel, Star Wars, or G.I. Joe so the questions you could ask were limited as most of the Hasbro’s reps did not know as they did not work on the line.This was a little disappointing especially for G.I. Joe as this is the 50th year Anniversary, and Hasbro’s actions this year of cancelling their trip to JoeCon 2014 makes us question what the plan is long term for the property. The good news is since a new movie is coming out, they will be releasing a new line in 2015.

The event offered a cocktails and finger foods that were very tasty and it was nice they offered an open bar. Some activities included firing nerf guns, 3D image scans to have your face on a Captain America or Iron Man 12″ action figure (this will also be offered around the country in Toys “R” Us and possibly other locations.

Last year, we heard that Hasbro gave out a bag of action figures to attendees. This year however were more of a grab it yourself adventure where attendees can build Transformers Hero Mashers to bring home, some various Transformers like 2x Electronic Grimlock, Transformers: Age of Extinction DVD’s, Avengers comic book, and a few other items. Toward the end of the event, people were allowed to take whatever isn’t “bolted down” according to a Hasbro rep (which this did not include the product samples for Marvel, Star Wars, or Transformers).

One thing that bothered us was the blue lighting around and underneath the toys displayed on the tables, which blocked us and everyone else from taking decent pictures. Hasbro probably should have known this and it was unfortunate they did not want better quality images taken of their products. Funko did the same thing for their ReAction figures at New York Toy Fair 2014.

Overall, this was a nice event. Although we were hoping for more of a giveaway, we did have a nice time and are looking forward to future Hasbro events.