NYCC 2014 – Diamond Select Toys Day 3 – Marvel Minimates, Nightmare Before Christmas, And Aliens


Diamond Select Toys put out some new Marvel Minimates including X-Force Jubilee, Banshee, Storm and Wolverine, and Marvel villains including the Blob, Avalanche, Pyro, and one other. The X-Force set includes interchangeable heads of Forge, Psylocke, and Gambit. So if you buy 2 sets, you will get 3 additional characters.

Also on display is Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas and Aliens 1979 characters. We also took some more shots of their awesome Stay Puft Marshmallow bank. Stay Puft comes in 2 versions, angry and happy. The angry version has fewer pieces made than the happy version according to DST. You can pick this up at Entertainment Earth.

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