Toys “R” Us Pulls All Breaking Bad Figures From Their Shelves

Breaking Bad Gus Fring Burned Face Action Figure

Following our report of a Florida mother petitioning on for Toys “R” Us to remove all Breaking Bad merchandise from their shelves, Toys “R” Us has pulled all Breaking Bad related items from their shelves according to Entertainment Earth.

From their email to us:

So Toys R Us has pulled all of its Breaking Bad merchandise. This means if people want it, they have to come to places like us, who cater more to the mature collector than to children. As a result, we’ve seen sales of Breaking Bad merchandise skyrocket this week. We’re going to be getting in some new exclusives, and we’re going back for a new run of existing exclusives we were previously sold out of, such as this Jesse Pinkman. And this Gus Fring will sell out soon.

It truly is a shame that one woman’s actions forced Toys “R” Us to remove all Breaking Bad merchandise as these were in the adult section, and meant to be purchased by adult collectors, not children. If she was so concerned, then why was she in the adult action figure section to begin with? Surely the adults don’t get in the way of kids related action figures and collectibles and start online petitions to make it harder for parents to buy what their children want. So why should it only be one way? Toys “R” Us never should have given in to one petition as Toys “R” Us even stated this was an adult collectible.