Ask DST #258: Miscellaneous Monsters

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Diamond Select Toys posted the next round of fans questions for miscellaneous lines including Batman, Aliens, Pulp Fiction, Thundercats, Universal Monsters & more:

It’s another Ask DST with DSTChuck, and he’s answering your questions about… well, everything! Batman, Aliens, Pulp Fiction, Thundercats, Office Space and especially the seasonally appropriate Universal Monsters line all get questions this time around. See what the president of DST has to say about all of it!

Jaime R.
When is the joker bust going to be released???

DSTChuck: The Joker bust from the 1966 TV show should be in stores this Wednesday, with The Riddler right behind.

Walt B.
I just purchased your 7″ creature from the black lagoon var2. It’s excellent, much better than previous versions. How about lon Chaney’s ghost of Frankenstein? Or son of Dracula? The mummy’s curse/Ghost and S&C meet Frankenstein’s wolf man. Another idea is John Carradine’s Dracula, Glenn Strange/Bela Lougosi Frankenstein. The original fly/return of the fly, IT, the terror from beyond space, the monster of Pedro Blancos, hammer’s brides of Dracula, horror of Dracula, curse of the werewolf, i was a teenage werewolf/Frankenstein, ray harryhausen’s beast from twenty thousand fathoms. Enough for now. Keep up the good work.

DSTChuck: Walt, so far the current series of Universal Monsters is doing very well, I expect we will have another release next year, but some of the ones you are asking about are not covered by our license. We try and show the new series each year at Toy Fair in February, so keep an eye on our websites around then.

Adam C.
Hi! My question is regarding your Universal Monsters Select Line. I was wondering if you were planning on coming out with any new waves of figures in the future? Possibly maybe re doing some of your figures to include more articulation and accurate sculpting (ex. Dracula and Wolfman). I have bought all three of your new figures (Van Helsing, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Son of Frankenstein) and they are all fantastic! I have been collecting 7-9″ figures for a long time and have many products such as Star Wars Black Series by Hasbro and a lot of Aliens and Predators from NECA. But i think your products especially the most recent figures blow them out of the water! The sculpting is phenomenal and the articulation is very intuitive based on each figures actual setup (meaning it correlates well to what the character would actually need to move like) And you guys always include and base and a great amount of accessories with all of your figures. And the best part is that your figures have all these attributes and manage to be $15-$25 whether you get the Toys R Us exclusives or deluxe comic shop version. That’s still around 5 dollars cheaper than the others and comes with 3 times more stuff which blows my mind. It’s very refreshing in the age of rising figure cost that you manage to keep the price fairly low and helps when you want to collect a whole line. All in all, I love your Universal Monsters line and I know everyone else must too since they are all sold out at all the Toys R Us stores around me. And usually I am not the one to take the time to write a review and ask questions let alone a lengthy response like this one (forgive me for that) Hopefully you have more Monsters planned and on the way and if so can you give a time frame for when we can expect more? And if you continue to make these and bring the same quality, articulation and sculpting you have a customer and fan for the long haul, thanks!

DSTChuck: Adam, thanks for the praise. I think as we moved along with the Select line as our definitive format, the thinking was to bring the look, articulation and scale under one aesthetic. I am glad you like the result. I do think if the line keeps going we will look back at other figures that we can release under this look or, like Frankenstein, new versions. I’m so glad to hear something you collect that we make makes you happy! We’ll try and keep it up and not let you and others down.

Vivek B.
It’s the 30th anniversary of ThunderCats in 2015, and besides the 80s toy line there hasn’t been a proper new classic line of figures based on ThunderCats. The minimates from DST and Icon Heroes were very cool. Now that Bandai don’t have the license anymore, any chance DST will consider doing 6 inch figures of ThunderCats?

DSTChuck: That’s a cool idea, but I don’t think its something we’re looking at at this time. Interesting note: DST pitched WB on making a classic and reimagined line of Thundercats before even the new animation happened – around 10 years ago!

Sean C.
Hi there, I’m curious about what your Aliens license covers. Specifically, would it even be possible for you to make a replica Pulse Rifle? It’s hard to obtain a decent replica of the old M41A without breaking the bank, and considering the superb quality and competitive pricing of your Trek Tek line, DST seems perfect for making a similarly affordable and quality Pulse Rifle. And speaking of Trek Tek, is your Search for Spock Phaser still on track for a Q4 2014 release? Thanks for your time.

DSTChuck: We are not in the habit of making contract points public, BUT I’ll break my own rule here and let you know we do not have rights to that category. And we are working on getting the ST3 Phaser out as close to that estimate as possible.

Jason T.
Is Pulp Fiction Select still happening? It feels like we haven’t seen or heard anything since well before SDCC.

DSTChuck: Jason – we are working through approval with Quentin Tarrantino and the actors right now. We have seven figures already sculpted, so YES they are happening, and happening in a big way.

Matt S.
What about bringing back the Office Space line? This has no doubt been asked before, but I’d sure buy them, and so would friends at work. They came and went so fast, and now can only be had on eBay, and rarely then. Thanks.

DSTChuck: We really loved working on that line, and would love to be able to work on it again, but its not in the cards right now.