Star Wars Rebels, Mission Series, & Saga Legends In-Packaging Official Press Images Of Upcoming Figures

A89300790_630509246823_pkg_14[Large 300DPI]

Hasbro sent out some new in-packaging images of upcoming Star Wars Rebels, Mission Series, and Saga Legends 2-packs and single carded figures. Each figure includes 5 points of articulation.

Shown are:

  • Sabine Wren / Stormtrooper
  • Cikarto Vizago / IG-RM
  • Wicket W. Warrick / Biker Scout
  • Bossk / IG-88
  • TIE Fighter
  • AT-DP Driver
  • Clone Commander Gree
  • Jedi Temple Guard
  • At-AT Driver
  • Wullffwarro / Wookie Warrior



A89300790_630509246823_pkg_14[Large 300DPI] A89310790_630509246861_pkg_14[Large 300DPI] A89320790_630509246885_pkg_14[Large 300DPI] A89330790_630509246892_pkg_14[Large 300DPI] A93760790_630509237203_pkg_14[Large 300DPI] A93780790_630509237234_pkg_14[Large 300DPI]   A93790790_630509237241_pkg_14[Large 300DPI] A93800790_630509237265_pkg_14[Large 300DPI]   A98170790_630509246816_pkg_14[Large 300DPI] A93810790_630509237333_pkg_14[Large 300DPI]  A93820790_630509237357_pkg_14[Large 300DPI]