Wishlist Wednesday – Hasbro Marvel Legends 8″ Build-A-Figure Strong Guy



Since Marvel Legends first hit toy shelves in 2002 by Toybiz, there has been a long list of characters to make in this style. If you read fan wishlists, you will see Strong Guy listed on most of them and we believe he would be best used as a build-a-figure in 8″ scale. When Toybiz started the line, they had offered 6″ figures with a 12″ build-a-figure that would not work for Strong Guy.

Hasbro was the company that introduced 8″ build-a-figures (4″ and 6″ as well) to the line and this opened the door to even more characters like Terrax, Nemesis, Mandroids, Monger, Ultimate Green Goblin, and others over recent years. While Hasbro has not done too much with X-Factor characters and that is something we would like to see. There are some great characters in that team that would make great candidates for Marvel Legends such as Havok, Polaris, Wolfsbane, Multiple Man, and of course Strong Guy. Next year, Marvel is introducing some big movie blockbusters like Avengers 2, so we’re not sure if an  X-Factor would be best for 2015 in the Marvel Legends line. But we feel that starting in 2016 Hasbro should begin to look at slot for him. The question also remains if Hasbro were to make a Strong Guy build-a-figure in Marvel Legends, what style should they go with? Classic X-Force (shown above), or a more modern look?

What is interesting is that Strong Guy was last made in an action figure in 1993 in the Toybiz X-Men animated series toyline. While other collectibles have been made like a bust by Bowen designs, Strong Guy has had very little attention from the toy industry.

This week for Wishlist Wednesday, we are asking Hasbro to make a Marvel Legends Strong Guy build-a-figure.

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