Wishlist Wednesday – Funko Thundercats Pop! Vinyl Figures Wave 2

Wishlist Wednesday - Funko Thundercats Pop Vinyl Figures Wave 2

In the beginning of 2014, Funko released 5 Thundercats Pop! Vinyl Figures including Lion-O, Mumm-Ra Transformed, Panthro, Snarf, and Cheetara. These Pop! Vinyl figures captured their 1980’s animated series likeness and gave Thundercats fans something to collect as toys from this franchise are on hiatus.

During our New York Comic-Con 2014 Coverage, Icon Heroes (the company behind the Thundercats Minimates figures and statues) revealed to us that no other company is looking to pick up the license. After the failure of Bandai’s Thundercats line and the animated series, the property just dwindled and Thundercats fans were left without any new products other than the Icon Heroes Minimates, and this years Pop! Vinyl Figures. Over the summer, Funko surprised fans with two new Thundercats Pop! Vinyl figures of Lion-O and Mumm-Ra (flocked) as San Diego Comic-Con 2014 exclusives.

While news on the future of Funko’s line is unknown, we noticed that Entertainment Earth currently has the first 5 Pop!’s as Temporarily Out Of Stock, which is good to see and hopefully Funko will announce a second wave.

Some of our suggestion for Funko would be Jaga, Spirit of Jaga, Tigra, Slithe, Mumm-Ra (bandaged), Vultraman, Monkian, Jackalman, Lynx-O, Bengali, Pumyra, & Grune the Destroyer. We would even like to see Panthro with Thundertank Pop! Ride made. If those sell well enough, Funko can expand the line into the Ancient Spirits of Evil and various other show characters.


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