Gentle Giant 12″ Jumbo Retro Marvel Secret Wars Figures Coming 2015


Gentle Giant will be coming out with a new line of Retro figures based on the 1980’s Marvel Secret Wars storyline. Black Suit Spider-Man is available to pre-order now for a limited time. Also announced is Hobgoblin, and silhouettes of Wolverine and Krang.

The original Secret Wars was a 12-part limited series that crossed over several Marvel Comics titles from May of 1984 to April of 1985. The event introduced The Beyonder to the Marvel Universe for the very first time and saw the omnipotent character assemble a new planet from chunks of other planets,  which he then calls “Battleworld.” Against their will, The Beyonder chooses several heroes and villains from Earth and teleports those chosen to his newly created Battleworld to fight for his amusement. Some of the highlights from Secret Wars include Spider-Man finding the black symbiote suit for the first time, Ben Grimm staying behind in space and Doctor Doom stealing The Beyonder’s powers.

At the time, the series was tied into the popular Secret Wars action figure collection from Mattel. Gentle Giant digitally scanned the original figures and reproduced them in 12” scale, with no detail being overlooked. Roto and injection molded and made of durable plastics, this fully-articulated jumbo figure includes a faithfully re-produced lenticular shield. To further capture the vintage feel, Gentle Giant has packaged this figure with a Secret Wars-inspired backer card featuring original photos and artwork.

Designed with the ultimate Marvel collector in mind, the figures come in a re-sealable plastic outer clam shell to help protect and display these limited edition collectibles. The first limited figure available will be the Black Suit Spider-Man that you can pre-order today at this link, but that’s not all! Use the codeSecretMarvel20 at checkout to save $20 off your purchase today only, November 19th! The next figure to be released will be the Secret Wars Hobgoblin figure.


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