NECA Updates On Batman 1989 Michael Keaton Action Figure

NECA Batman 1989 Michael Keaton 6 inch Action Figure Included Bluray Set

NECA provided an update that in just hours, ebay closed the pre-order for their Batman 1989 Michael Keaton action figure thinking it was a fraudulent sale. Everything is now restored and the pre-order is back up.

Congratulations, ‪#‎Batman‬ fans – you broke eBay.

Sales were so massive that it took mere hours to trigger eBay’s automatic fraud detection system and get the unsuspecting WB Store’s account suspended. (We hope you’re proud of yourselves – really! That’s got to be a record.)

The error has been corrected by eBay, the Blu-ray+Figure promo is back up, and all is well.

If you already bought the promo and got a mysterious “item no longer available” email from eBay, just ignore it. You’ll still get your figure. DO NOT REORDER… Unless you want 2! And if you didn’t already buy it, what are you waiting for?!

Pre-Order your copy now at The WB’s Ebay Store!