Boss Fight Studio’s Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Packaging Update


Boss Fight Studio provided the first packaged images of the Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. toyline.

Hey, Boss Fighters! We hope you’re having a fantastic Friday!

We have some packaging samples to show you! We were totally floored by the BEAUTIFUL illustrations we got in our inbox from the very talented, James Griffiths and couldn’t wait to show them off.

We also must thank Troy McKee again and again and again for the overall design work he did for our packaging.

Please note that this is still in-progress, as you can tell by the combination of the Amazon illustration with the Medusa copy, but we just couldn’t wait to share it any longer!

We hope you like it as much as we do!

Boss Fight Studio's Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Packaging Update