Ask DST #262: Monsters, Mass Effect & Motor Vehicles

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Diamond Select Toys posted the next round of fans questions for Back to the Future, Mass Effect, Universal Monsters and more.

It’s time for another Miscellaneous Ask DST, in which Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck answers your questions about a variety of topics! Potential expansions to our Universal Monsters, Mass Effect, and electronic vehicle lines are all discussed. Read on, then submit your own question via the drop-down menu above!

Michael B.
Hello, I have been collecting your Universal Monsters Banks. Do you plan to make Dracula and the Phantom of the Opera in the future? Thank You.

DSTChuck: Honestly, I do not know – we have not decided yet if we are going to make any new bank designs.

Ronnie L.
I am loving your Universal Monsters select figures, and I have a burning question that has lingered within my dark monster-loving soul since the first set’s Frankenstein [the Creature] came with the lab table- do we have any chance of perhaps getting a figure of Colin Clive as Dr. Henry Frankenstein?

DSTChuck: Ronnie, glad you dig the line, but no plans right now. I think we have pretty much locked down the three we will be doing for 2015, and hope to show them at Toy Fair in Feb.

Luis V.
Hi, any chance of a 1:15 Scale Herbie/General Lee/A-Team van or Smokey and the Bandit Firebird or 3 Inch figures for your released cars? (Like the exclusive Michael Knight)

DSTChuck: All of those have been considered, but none are in the works right now. The Michael Knight kind of worked out, so if that happens again I see no reason why we would not do that again if it works out.

John M.
Hi, I was wondering if the mass effect minimates sold well, would you consider making action figures?

DSTChuck: I think we all expect the Mass Effect line to do very well, and yes, we’d love to continue and expand the line.

Troy J.
I was wondering if you guys have rights to ‘The Mummy’, and if so would you guys ever make an Anaksunamun? That would be AWESOME!!!!!!

DSTChuck: Sorry, we have no rights to the newer Universal Monsters movies.

Daniel L.
Hi, I really like your 1:15 Back to the Future time machine. I read somewhere that Diamond Select will be making a 1:15 Ghostbuster Ecto I too, which I am also looking forward to. Any chance of making a 1:15 Batmobile from 1989 Batman or maybe 1:15 Tumbler from Batman Begins? Thanks.

DSTChuck: Right now, we have no rights to any Batman vehicles, but for SURE that is something we’d love to do in the future if we could.