Wishlist Wednesday – Marvel Select Comic Series Doctor Octopus Figure

Wishlist Wednesday - Marvel Select Comic Series Doctor Octopus Figure

One of Spider-Man’s most notorious super villains of all-time is Doctor Octopus “Otto Octavius.” Doctor Octopus first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #3 (June 1963) and has had plenty of action figures made over the years based on his comic appearance from his Spider-Man 2 movie adaptation. Toy companions including Mattel, Toy Biz, Hasbro, and Diamond Select Toys brought Doctor Octopus to plastic form from a variety of lines and different scales from the 1980’s through today.

Mattel was the first company to introduce Doctor Octopus to the toy shelves in the Secret Wars line in the 1980’s, then later he would have even more figures made by Toybiz in the 1990’s. In the Marvel Legends line, he’s had multiple figures made from both Toy Biz and Hasbro from 2002-Current. So far, Diamond Select Toys released a Spider-Man 2 Movie Marvel Select Doctor Octopus figure and introduced him in their Minimates line.

What we love about Diamond Select Toys and their Marvel Select line is that they bring the best quality to the table and some of the best toy sculptors including Jean St. Jean and Gentle Giant Ltd. If you keep up with their Ask DST Column that we column where fans can send a question to DST Chuck, he states how they always look at Spider-Man characters for Marvel Select and have proven this lately with the release of The Rhino, Electro vs. Spider-Man Box Set, Venom and Carnage. While there are many more Spidey villains out there and some are too obscure to get a figure for Diamond Select since they can only make 9 Marvel Select figures per year between Movie and Comic Book figures (not including Disney/Marvel Store exclusives), we can’t help but think about Doctor Octopus, that remains to be one of the most recognized Spider-Man villains.

This week, we are asking Diamond Select Toys to consider making a Marvel Select Doctor Octopus action figure in his classic green and orange outfit with bendable tentacles.