Four Horsemen Gothitropolis: Ravens Arrived At Warehouse

Four Horsemen Gothitropolis Ravens Arrived At Warehouse

The Four Horsemen have received their shipment of the Gothitroplis: Ravens figures and fans should expect shipping to begin starting next week.

THEY’RE HEEEEERE!!! The Gothitropolis: Ravens figures have FINALLY arrived in our warehouse at Four Horsemen Studios, and there’s barely room to move around because of the massive shipment! A BIG thanks goes out to all of you for being SO patient in waiting for these to arrive. Your long wait is almost over and we think you’re going to be really happy with the results.

We still need to do a quality control and amount check on the figures and make sure the total shipment is here and in good shape, and then shipping will begin no later than early next week.

As we’ve stated before, all of the Kickstarter backer orders will ship first. Then all remaining orders will be shipped out on a “first ordered, first shipped” basis. Please continue to be patient and keep checking back here as we get all of these out to you as quickly as we can and as we keep updating here as the shipping schedule progresses. Thanks again for your support!