McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Series 6 Available In Stores Now


McFarlane Toys provided a new press release announcing the release of their highly anticipated The Walking Dead Series 6 action figures based on the TV Series.

Tis the season to kill a walker…and McFarlane Toys is bringing plenty of new figures, ready to assist!

AMC’s The Walking Dead© may be on break, but the sixth series of AMC’s The Walking Dead action figures are ready to fright and delight this holiday season. This new series brings fans the a new version of Rick Grimes and The Governor, along with debut figures of Carol, Abraham, and the beloved Hershel. Oh, and there is also an iconic walker that would love to “hang” out with you. 

So grab your machete and watch your ammo as we take a look at the deadly (some with morals) survivors and one awesome dangling walker inThe Walking Dead TV Series 6


A former police officer, Rick Grimes has always been a leader amongst the group of Atlanta survivors. Over the seasons, his personality has evolved as he continuously tries to relinquish leadership in order to protect his own family. After numerous threats and the loss of his wife Lori, Rick is in a continuous battle both mentally and morally. This version of Rick depicts the wear and tear the apocalyptic world has taken on this once upholder of the law. No longer fighting his destiny, Rick appears ready to take on this challenges head on in season 5. This figure comes with alternate bandaged hand, revolver, suppressed pistol, machete, and D-rings. 


Introduced in season 4, Abraham Ford and his traveling companions are on route to Washington D.C. with valuable information pertaining to the outbreak. This former Sergeant in the U.S. army attempts to enlist the help of Glenn, and his companion Tara, on their quest to the capital. Abraham and his group end up joining Glenn in the search for Maggie and eventual trek to Terminus. This figure comes with pistol, SMG, and combat knife. 


An advisor to Rick and father of surviving daughters Maggie and Beth, this beloved character has left an eternal impact on The Walking Dead series. Hershel Greene was introduced as the man who saves Rick’s son Carl’s life in season 2. A farm owner and defender of moral codes, he served as a confident and skilled diplomat within the group of survivors. After being bitten by a walker in season 3, Rick is forced to cut off Hershel’s leg to stop the infection – adding yet another challenge to his life. This figure comes with set of crutches, alternate prosthetic leg, and pistol. 


One of the few survivors from the original Atlanta group, Carol Peletier knows what it takes to stay alive. Over four seasons, fans have watched her evolve from a kind-hearted and soft-spoken wife and mother, to an independent survivalist trying to protect those around her at any cost. This figure comes with knuckle knife, pistol, and gas can. 


The once leader of the seemingly utopian town of Woodbury, The Governor has lost everything: the town he built; his daughter turned walker; and his eye at the hands of Michonne. Longing for revenge against Rick and his group of survivors, The Governor rose from the ashes of defeat to become an even more dangerous foe for anyone or anything that stands in his way. This figure comes with alternate bandaged head, pistol, knife, and automatic rifle. This figure is available exclusively at Walgreens and select specialty hobby shops. 


The first episode of season 4 was certainly full of surprises. Making a run for supplies, a group of survivors enter a nearby store, without knowing dozens of walkers and a downed helicopter was on the building’s roof. The rooftop eventually gives way and walkers start raining from the ceiling. Fortunately not all the walkers made it down…The iconic Bungee Guts Walker is seen dangling by his guts and intestines, leaving the survivors speechless. This figure features removable intestines and can stand or be hung by his guts. 

Bring home your favorite new figures from The Walking Dead TV Series 6 today!!! 

Available at, Calendar Club, FYE, GameStop, Hastings Entertainment, Target, Toys ‘R’ Us, Toys ‘R’ Us Canada, and Walgreens. Contact your local stores for availability. 

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Each highly articulated human figure features the exact likeness of the actor by using a 3D scanning process and comes with multiple accessories. And just like with the first four series of figures, each zombie features amazing attention to detail for maximum gross out fun!

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