Four Horsemen Studios Gothitropolis Raven Over 1,000 Orders Shipped



The Four Horsemen have shipping over 1,000 kickstarter orders and all domestic kickstarter orders should be shipped by today. This is good news for all those people that ordered. We’ll have our reviews of each figure up in the coming weeks.

We’ve now shipped over 1,000 Gothitropolis: Ravens Kickstarter orders out and we should have all domestic Kickstarter orders out the door by the end of the day today. It’s taken a day longer than we’d anticipated, because the larger orders have taken a little longer to pack and ship than we were expecting.

Shipping of the Kickstarter international orders and all Store Horsemen orders should begin later today or tomorrow, but the international orders always take a little more time than domestic orders because of the customs issues.

Please feel free to post announcements, images and reviews when you get your Gothitropolis: Ravens figures and let us know, and we’ll post some of them on our Source HorsemenKickstarter and Facebook pages.