Mattycollector Cancelling Mini “Think Ahead” Bundles

Masters of the Universe Minis Clawful and King Grayskull

Update – We have an update for you Here!

Back in August, we had purchased a “Think Ahead” Bundle of the remaining 3 Mini 2-packs consisting of Faker and Man-At-Arms, Zodac & Beast Man, and King He-Man & Clawful that were scheduled to ship together in December 2014. Of course, that is what Mattel said at the time and after waiting since the beginning of December to get a confirmation shipment notice of this bundle, Mattel sent us a cancellation notice instead on December 17th, 2014 (below).

Mattycollector Cancelling Mini Think Ahead Bundles 02

This email was sent out and at first we were confused so we called Mattycollector to find out what the problem is. We were told that Clawful and King He-Man were unavailable, but the set is still listed as in stock on Mattycollector at this time. We told the Digital River representative this and all he could do was create a ticket and send it to the escalation department.

About 4 days later, we got a shipping confirmation, but Clawful and and King Grayskull were missing.

Mattycollector Cancelling Mini Think Ahead Bundles


We spoke to Digital River and nothing else can be done on this at least until Monday as the U.S. office is closed until then. What we would suggest to readers is call them on Monday and ask for a ticket to be created explaining that Clawful and King He-Man is listed as in stock on Mattycollector, but your “Think Ahead” bundle was cancelled anyway.

We will do a follow-up next week and let you know what happens.