Update On Mattycollector Cancelling Mini “Think Ahead” Bundles

Masters of the Universe Minis Clawful and King Grayskull

If you’ve read our previous report, which states that Mattycollector has cancelled our “Think Ahead” bundle because they did not have any King He-Man and Clawful 2-packs, left, we have an update to share with everyone that is going through a similar situation.

Since our last update, we had opened a ticket with Mattycollector. Unfortunately, the ticket is still open at this time, but we were able to receive confirmation that it sounds as though it will be resolved soon and we should receive our final 2-pack with no additional shipping charges. This is an error on Matty’s part, and they should honor all 2-packs not shipped with no additional shipping charges if you are experiencing the same issue. Mattycollector is overwhelmed with tickets right now so they are a bit back logged. They told us they are working on closing these tickets so you should hopefully have your issues resolved soon.