BotCon 2015 Theme Revealed – Cybertron’s Most Wanted!



Update: Preview of Timelines Issue # 11 page 1 Revealed below:

BotCon revealed their 2015 Theme for this years annual convention being held in Chicago, Illinois. This year, the theme is called Cybertron’s Most Wanted! and will include 5 figures in the box set and will likely have additional Transformers exclusive toys sold separately at the show. The 5 figures are hinted as The Thief, The Muscle, The Loose Cannon, The Bounty Hunter, and The boss. BotCon has also said this is a theme and universe that they’ve never done before as a con set.

More details to come.

BotCon 2015 Timelines Issue 11 Cybertron's Most Wanted

Shown is Transformers Timelines Issue 11 Page 1