Four Horsemen Studios Updates On International Shipping For Gothitropolis Ravens Kickstarter Orders

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The Four Horsemen provided updates for International shipping of Gothitropolis Ravens Kickstarters orders.

We just replied to an international Kickstarter backer who was justifiably upset, and we wanted to post a slightly edited (made less personal and more all-encompassing) here for all to see…



We’re not sure if you saw our response to this issue in the comments section on Kickstarter, but to explain that a bit further, what has essentially happened is that because of some customs issues with the international shipping agent we were planning to use, we had to stop the shipping process on international orders and find another way to ship them that would be as quick as possible, while also being cost effective, safe and trackable. We now have that method corrected and we’re hoping to have most, if not all of the internationalKickstarter orders shipped by mid-week next week, minus the missing Black Raven Battle Packs, which we will immediately ship out separately once they arrive in our warehouse.

We completely understand if you’re upset by all of this. We’re action figure fans and we’d be upset by it as well. But please understand that, although we’ve been learning to manufacture our own action figures for a few years, the popularity of this particular line of figures took us by surprise and we’ve never had to manufacture and ship nearly 10,000 figures with such a small crew. We aren’t a massive company like Mattel or Digital River. We’re three sculptors/fabricators with two full time employees and one part time employees trying to do things right, but discovering hiccups as we go along. We’re doing everything within our limited power to correct these hiccups, but when things like this happen, we never abandon our fans or customers and we always try to fix the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Both the new shipping service we’ll be using and the new production run on the Black Raven Battle Packs will be more expensive than we’d originally budgeted for, and we’ll be taking a well deserved hit out of our own pockets in order to make these things happen, but it’s the very least we can do for action figure fans that have been so patient and understanding to us throughout this whole process. This has definitely been a learning process, and hopefully we won’t run into any of these same issues with our next Kickstarter project.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience all of this has caused.