The Walking Dead Building Sets Exclusives Coming To Wal-Mart


McFarlane Toys announced that Walmart will be offering exclusive The Walking Dead building sets in 2015, The Prison Tower, and Prison Gate & Fence.

After being a “killer” new item at during the holidays, McFarlane Toys’ new brick building toys based on television’s most watched drama, AMC’sThe Walking Dead, are spreading to more major retailers this Spring!

These building sets extended McFarlane’s high standards of artistic vision, realistic accuracy and incredible detail into the brick building toy aisle alongside of other leading manufacturers. The first line features realistic sculpts, light-up and shaped features, iconic environments, and dozens of your fan-favorite characters and walkers.

For the very first time, you can find your favorite McFarlane Toys’ The Walking Dead building sets and figures at Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens, GameStop, and

Fans will start to see building sets appear at these retailers now through the beginning of March.

And if that isn’t cool enough, Wal-Mart will be carrying two building set exclusives: the Prison Tower Exclusive and Prison Gate & Fence Exclusive. These exclusive sets will include new never-before-released figures.

Be sure to pick up both of these awesome building sets and take your apocalyptic prison environment to the next level!

Stay tuned to for the latest news and info on all the upcoming building sets from McFarlane Toys.

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The Prison Tower Wal-Mart exclusive building set includes the iconic guard tower, shed, landscaping grass and dirt, Rick Grimes, and Prison Jumpsuit Walker. The set, in total, is 459 pieces.

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The Prison Gate & Fence Wal-Mart exclusive building set includes the fencing & gate, barbed wire, walker body parts, light pole, file cabinet & debris, landscaping grass and dirt, Glenn Rhee, and Riot Gear Walker. The set, in total, is 192 pieces.