NYTF 2015 – Hasbro Marvel Coverage

We are reporting live from the Hasbro NYTF 2015 Press Event and Hasbro has announcing the following Marvel products (images to follow shortly):

Avengers Age of Ultron
2.5” line – There will be 3 HQ that can stack on top of each other to create Avengers tower
Titan Heroes Tech – Ultron, Hulkbuster, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor – Hulkbuster recognizes when characters/figures are near
Marvel Legends Infinite Series
Late Spring:
Wave 2:
Capt, Hulk, SPider-Woman, Hellcat, Thanos, Iron Man (Tony Stark Head), Batroc
Wave 3:
Dr. Strage, Vison, Blizzard, Iron Man black and gold, War Machine, Thundra, Valkerie- build a figure- Hulkbuster (largest figure)
Ant Man:
Ant Man with mini-Ant Man, Tiger Shark, Wasp, Grim Reaper, Giant Man, Bulldozer – Ultron Prime Build-a-figure
Ant Man with flying ant
Marvel 500:
2” figure expression blind bagged
24 figures in each series
Summer release
Marvel Infinite Series 3.75″:
Scarlet Spider, Corg, gold Ultron, Deadpool, more
wave 2 – scarlet spider, Misty Night, Ghost Rider, Chameleon (Hammer Head/JJ Jamerson heads), Kraven, Superior Venom, White Tiger
Rhino with swap out heads
Retailer Exclusives:
More will be made this year
Captain America, Black Widow  -Toys R Us
Iron Man Mk 42, other – Toys RU US
Coulson, Fury, Hill – ToysRUs
Hulk, Vist Appearance Vision, Ultron – Target
Thor, Banner, Hawkeye Vision – Amazon Exclusive
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