NYTF 2015 – Hasbro Transformers Coverage


We are reporting live from the Hasbro NYTF 2015 Press Event and Hasbro has announcing the following Transformers products (images to follow shortly):

Mini-Cons – Slipstream, Jetstorm, Autobot Drift, Decepticon Fracture
Super Bumblebee
Combiner Wars
Defensor Combiner – Viper, Warpath, Protectobot Groove
Wave 3 Protectobots – Streetwise, Rook, Blades
Voyager  Wave 3 – Hot Spot, Cyclonus,
Leader Wave 3 – Ultra Magnus
Devastator Combiner – 6 Voyager Scale Combiners – is 18″ tall according to brand team
Hook, Long Haul
Mixmaster, Scrapper
& More
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