NYTF 2015 – Playmates Toys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Booth Coverage

Playmates Toys has some great Turtles figures coming out in 2015 and we have a full gallery to share with you.

They do plan on looking at the Technodrome. It will be priced around $50. Playmates Toys is afraid to make it $100 because that price point might be too “greedy,” their words! They have a new Sewer Playset that’s a recolor and the Leonardo figure that converts. Having three seems too much for them. They will reconsider if the Technodrome appears more in the show.

The Shredder clone is a 2-pack.

Beavers and bottom 2 shelves will be out this Spring. Upper shelves Fall.

The New Sewer Playset is based on the lair invasion. Karen portals, Metalhead, Snakeweed, and Spider-Byte on the cardboard back.

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