NYTF 2015 – Mezco Booth Coverage

NYTF 2015 – Mezco Booth Coverage

Mezco has some great new releases coming out in 2015 and we have some news regarding Breaking Bad, Mortal Kombat, One:12 Judge Dredd, Sons of Anarchy, and Thundercats.


They are looking at making a Tygra Mega Deluxe Scale action figure, but this figure is not confirmed [yet] and they don’t have a prototype. They are also looking to include Snarf to the line as a SDCC 2015 exclusive to finish off the main characters. However, they could always look to expand the line.

Mezco could look at One:12 Thundercats figures if they wanted. The problem is the material might not work for some of the characters like Lion-O, as some of his costume shows the flesh.

Mortal Kombat:

Wave 1 – Sub Zero, Scorpion, Raiden
Wave 2 – Kitana, Quan-Chi, Kotal Kahn

Quan-Chi and Kotal Kahn are new to the game and will include all the articulation as the first wave.

Breaking Bad:

Only new figure shown is Saul Goodman.

The Burnt Face Gus Fring is only available at Entertainment Earth.

There was no actual Gus Fring NYTF 2015 exclusive as previously reported. That prototype figure was given to buyers, etc.

Sons of Anarchy:

Jax Teller version 2.0 figure coming.

Opie and Jemma Entertainment Earth exclusives. Nothing currently in the works for more EE exclusives, but that could change.

One:12 Judge Dredd:

Motorcycle will have rotating wheels, possible handle bar movement.

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