NYTF 2015 – PieceMaker Brings 3D Printing To Toys “R” Us Stores

During New York ToyFair 2015, we stopped by PieceMaker‘s booth to learn more about the company. This company will bring 3D printing to Toys “R” Us stores this July, starting with a couple of stores, and hopefully more. What they will offer is a 3D printer located in Toys “R” Us stores that you select from several categories from the gallery, and select the piece on the touch-screen that you want made. You can also have a customized message, have your face scanned, or an image to have printed on your piece.

Depending on what you print, these are also compatible with LEGO and other similar toys and in our gallery below, they show a LEGO truck with pieces made from PieceMaker, along with figure stands, & more!

The cost to print will start at $4.99 through $12.99 depending on the piece, and takes an average of 18 minutes to print.

Some of the pieces include:

  • articulated fish (designed by 3D Kit Bash)
  • ghost with tongue sticking out (designed by 3D Kit Bash)
  • articulated action figure with a cannon as an arm
  • figure stand that are compatible with LEGO
  • & all the pieces you see below! The possibilities are endless!

For further details about the company, take a look at their website.

Update: PieceMaker has let us know that they have not made any official announcements about Toys”R”Us, but will have a general roll out in July. All we can say about Toys”R”Us is that we had a great pilot and are in an on-going relationship.


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