NYTF 2015 – Entertainment Earth Shows Off Big Bang Theory Action Figures

At New York ToyFair 2015, Entertainment Earth had the Bif Bang! Pow! Big Bad Theory 3 3/4″, 8″ Clothed, and Minimates action figures on display along with the cardboard diorama’s for 3 3/4″.

Sheldon comes in different shirt as seen on the show including Green Lantern, Flash, Superman, etc.

Each figure includes a unique diorama made of cardboard.

The 8″ Clothed Star Trek uniforms figures are made from EE own design, as we are almost positive that the girls never wore Star Trek uniforms on the show.

2 Sets of Minimates

Minimates have a couch to sit on.

NYCC 2015 Star Trek: The Next Generation Enterprice D Monitor Mate exclusive to attendees is shown in our galley below.

Pre-Orders are available now at Entertainment Earth and will ship in May.

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