Masters Of The Universe Classics 200X Mini-Subscription At 27%

Masters Of The Universe Classics 200X Mini-Subscription At 27%


Mattel’s new brand team for all lines sold on Mattycollector provided the meter status of the 200X Mini-Subscription:

Good day!

Earlier this week I promised I would keep you apprised of what’s happening with the 200X subscription since there will be no meter this time around. Here is your first update:

As of last night we have met 27% of our set goal. We still have a ways to go but considering the subscription was just opened this Monday I’d say we are off to a pretty good start! 

Before you ask no, I am not allowed to discuss the minimum of subs needed for the complete line to be produced.  What I can tell you without a doubt is NO, this number has not been deflated to entice the purchase of more subs for Mattel’s financial gain. As I stated in my last message YOU will ultimately determine whether the complete line comes to fruition so I want you to be fully aware and confident in the percentages provided (which will always be 100% accurate to the best of my knowledge). Ultimately I want you to be happy and satisfied with the products you spend your money on…well that and a Prahvus. 

Stay tuned for more news!

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