Ask DST #272: Minimate Multitudes

Ask DST #272: Minimate Multitudes

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Diamond Select Toys posted the next round of fans questions for Minimates.

It’s another week, and another installment of Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck! This week, the subject is Minimates, and while the toys themselves are small, the Minimates column is always long, the questions compounded and the character requests numerous! DSTChuck does his level best to answer all your questions, although the future is yet unwritten, so read on and learn!

Jacob B.
Hello art asylum I have just one question I need to ask you and that is, since you make mini mates from all sorts of licenses I have been looking at the types you made in the past one of them I take most interest in is your terminator 2 judgment day waves and I just have one question about that, is it possible to produce more and maybe reissue them because I have been searching for the remaining figures on the shopping websites and there are barely anymore results so they are pretty illusive and I also heard that they are releasing a 5th installment to the series Terminator 5 genesis which I heard comes out this year and I thought that could be an extra installment to your waves not to mention terminator 3 and salvation too so I think it would be great if the 3rd and 4th movie characters were also added to the series of figures or maybe more vehicles just like the hunter killer tank with the resistance soldier or maybe this time it could be the flying hunter killer or the harvester from salvation I don’t know it’s just I always thought that this could be neat to add to the past waves but if not then that’s fine thanks.

DSTChuck: Sorry, Jacob, but at this time we have no plans to re-release any of the T2 Minimates. While I think we did a pretty job of covering the movie with our releases, I do think more vehicles would have been cool.

Brian M.
Have you ever considered Three’s Company Minimates? I can see an easy four-pack with Jack, Janet, Chrissy, and Mr. Furley. Perhaps a companion two-pack with The Ropers. Finish up with a “later years” four pack with another Jack and Janet coupled with Cindy and Terri. Maybe swap Cindy with Larry because she was just a Chrissy clone anyway. Better yet, I’d love to see a couple assortments with different versions of “The Big 3″ and other recurring characters. Just think of all the nifty 70s fashion.

DSTChuck: I have to say we’ve never considered that line.

Brandon D.
Is There Any Possibilities Of Seeing A Mockingbird Minimate?

DSTChuck: We have not planned out the 2016 line yet, so you never know.

David M.
Hi Chuck! I just wanted to say how much I’ve loved these Kill Bill mates — both released sets are outstanding, and the two upcoming sets look great too. Have they been selling well enough that we might see the line continue past these four? I would love to see Nurse Elle or Kiddo in her motorcycle outfit (even better, throw in the bike!). Oh and I know it’s not one of the Miramax Tarantino films, so would require a separate deal, but some Django mates would be amazing. Just saying. P.S. Marvel is publishing a Squirrel Girl monthly comic now, so it would be the perfect time to strike with that long-awaited SG Minimate.

DSTChuck: I think the four sets will do it for Kill Bill, BUT we did have some more ideas, so you never know. For now we have no plans to make MM based on Django, sorry.

Jordan R.
I love and collect your Marvel Minimates. My favorite is the Superior Spider-Man with Ultimate Electro. I saw your Axis event characters and wanted to say please, please, please do a series for the Spider Verse event. You guys probably get millions of these emails every day, but it would be amazing to see Silk, the Inheritors, and Multiple Spider-Men with unique designs and backstories. Best, Jordan

DSTChuck: We do love us some Spidey MM, so you never know.

Jason B.
Hey guys, love the newest Marvel Zombies set can’t wait to get it and the latest Walking Dead looks fantastic as well. Also your Aliens (and soon to be Predator) series will make a lot of fans happy. So my questions are:
1. Is there going to be a set for the AXIS story line?
2. If the Mass Effect series goes well, are there any plans for more Dragon Age box sets or a series (the customizing alone would be amazing)?
And my recurring two:
3. Will a Resident Evil boxset happen? It will give your designer a ton of challenges.
4. The Young Avengers, New X-Men, Runaways, Avengers Academy and Generation Hope are all popular teams, some more than others. Is there a chance at any of them or choice selection like an Avengers Arena style series will get the Minimate treatment?

1) Yes, we have a full series (Series 62) dedicated to Axis.
2) Yes, we are doing Dragon Age Minimates.
3) Sorry, at this time we have no plans to produce product from RE.
4) Series 59 was dedicated to the All-New X-Men, unless you mean the original New X-Men, whom we made a few of back in the day. No plans for the others at this time, but never say never.

Kostis F.
Hey there! I have to say, wave 62 is the bees knees! Sure, it’s mostly redos but as a guy who loves getting all the current stuff, it’s perfect for me. But, we are still missing quite a lot of looks from the All-New NOW! Relaunch. Namely: Moon Knight, the new Ms. Marvel and Ghost Rider, Captain Marvel, NuThor, Unworthy Thor, the GotG, the Inhumans, Doctor Strange, Magneto, the Uncanny X-Men, Loki, both versions of the Uncanny Avengers are incomplete, etc, etc. Now, obviously not all of them can happen, but I’m thinking an All-New wave akin to 51 would be great to end the year. To be honest, I just want a new Moon Knight. What are the chances of us getting one this year? He could appear there, or if you do that Original Sin box set you hinted at (and it fits the pattern of releasing mates based on the previous year’s event as the TRU fan choice set) he could be one of the choices, as he was one of the main characters in there. Also, are any new Through The Ages sets in the works? Oh, and something else. What are the chances of us getting the missing Future Foundation members? Non-Clear Sue and White Clothing Doom would make a great TRU 2-Pack. Thanks!

DSTChuck: Glad you like series 62. I honestly do not know how deep we are going to go with the NOW line. I am sure there will be more box sets in 2016 but I do not know the theme yet.

Daniel N.
Hello there, I’m from Brazil and I’m in love with Marvel Minimates since I went to New York and started my collection. I love when you do some more obscure figures, like the “Strange Tales” boxset. Do you have any plans on releasing more characters from this range, like the Man-Thing, Frankestein, the Living Mummy and Satana? Or even Dracula and Daimon Hellstrom. I believe many fans would be delighted with them. Regards, Daniel.

DSTChuck: I do not think we have any more horror themed sets planned at this time, but you never know.

Lance C.
Hi again. Thanks for adding my Q and your A in a previous post some time ago. Thank you so much for giving us X-Men Minimate Fans pieces to make Forge in the upcoming Brotherhood wave and for the wave itself. Any chance for a Minimate of Toad someday to help complete the Brotherhood team? A toad Minimate with an attachable or swappable head, with long slimey tongue out would be so sweet! Your Marvel Zombie Villain Minimates line has been a true home run in each box set. Will you be continuing this line? Has your team discussed making a wave dedicated to the Hulk comic universe? To really help our Hulk Minimates collection shine a new Bulked out Abomination with an Alternative A-Bomb version with lava men as the army builder figures, Bi-Beast, Titania and Red She-Hulk, Tiger Shark, Wrecker. Minimate versions of any of these would be Incredible. A box set of the Villains team the UFOES would go great with this set. My top three Minimate dreams. Fin Fang Foom, A-Bomb and Thunderball. Thank you so much for continuing to produce amazing Minimates and I am super excited for what you have in store for us Minimate fans here in 2015.

DSTChuck: No problem Lance , we answer every question we get as best we can. Thanks for taking the time to write in. While we don’t have plans right now for Toad, but I suppose it’s possible. I do think we will do a Zombie or similar set each year around Halloween time. We have done some Hulk-themed sets, but I am not sure a future theme for a series is in the works, although it’s not a bad idea.

Paul W.
So, first up let me just say what an awesome job you guys have done on the marvel Minimates line for the last 11 years. Having said that I was wondering if you had noticed just how long it’s been since we got any new classic avengers or Thor characters? By my reckoning we are talking 3 or 4 years! It seems that somehow the movie stuff has taken the place of comic stuff in those areas of the marvel universe and as someone who is not really interested in the movie lines and who really wants the gaps filled in my Classic Avengers/Thor collection that’s a real shame. Just wondered if that was a policy decision based on sales or whether there is any hope of the balance being redressed soon? Thanks for your time, much appreciated.

DSTChuck: Thanks! I don’t think we’ve made the decision to stay away from the Avengers comic stuff, but I do think some thought has occurred that the movies are covering it pretty well. That does not mean we will not do some comic stuff again soon.

Cade G.
Hey DST! Would there be any chance of you starting dc comics up again for the Minimates??? Also, would there be a chance of a star wars rebels wave??? Now a more reasonable question… Would there be a chance of you doing a marvel Minimate spider-gwen because of the upcoming series??? Thanks for taking time to answer these questions. 🙂

DSTChuck: While we would love to work on Star Wars or DC Comics, for the time being they are not interested in Minimates. Everything Spider-Man-related has a chance, but I do not think that one is at the top of the list right now.

Matt S.
1) So I hear that sales numbers are in for the 2nd Godzilla set. Set 3 announcement coming soon? Hopefully with Angruirus, Rodan and King Ghidorah? 🙂
2) Love the Alien boxed set. I’ve heard rumblings that another set isn’t outta the question. Think we could get some of the rest of the Nostromo crew? It’d be great to have a few part-swaps so we could make as many possible from what’s included. Thanks!

DSTChuck: We have not decided yet if there will or will not be a third set for Godzilla. For sure, we are not done with the Alien franchise yet. Which movie future releases will come from has not been decided yet.

Ben H.
I just wanted to ask some questions about your Movie, Comic, Video Game, & Cartoon based Minimate series.
1. Since you have the rights to make Minimates based on the Aliens movie series, do you also have the rights to make Minimate figures based on the Predator movie series as well?
2. Since you now have the rights to make Minimates based on Spongebob, did you also get the rights to make Minimate figures based on any of the other Nickelodeon cartoon series like Fairly OddParents, Invader Zim, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, and Danny Phantom?
3. I really like the Mass Effect Minimate figures you made and I am looking forward to the upcoming Dragon Age Minimate figures, but I was wondering if you guys have thought of making Minimate figures based on video game series like BioShock, Borderlands, Evolve, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2, and Orcs Must Die?
4. Are you guys going to make a Minimate figure set based on the upcoming Marvel Comics Crossover series Secret Wars?

1) The Predator and Aliens license are completely separate. But we do have the licenses for both, and we will be revealing our Predator Minimates soon.
2) Same situation, these licenses are all totally separate. None of those are currently in the works.
3) I don’t think any of those have been strongly considered.
4) Time will tell, but for sure we look at all major Marvel editorial events.

Ken R.
Hey Chuck! Once upon a time, you guys released Battle of the Planets action figures. Any idea if you still possess that license? And, if so, could we get a Minimate box set? Pretty please?

DSTChuck: We do not currently hold the license, but it was a joy to work on it, and if the opportunity made sense we’d love to do it again.

Lance V.
Good day to the creators of the best toy line (mini mates) ever, just a few questions:
1) Is there any consideration for more invincible mates?
2) Were the sales on the box set as well as expected?
3) If not another invincible set would a sky bound variety pack, for example w/ invincible, Brit, tech jacket and Wolfman be a consideration?

DSTChuck: Thank you so much for the kind words.
1) Not at this time, but we have talked to Skybound about other series they publish.
2) I think they were okay, but not fantastic. I would have to say it’s pretty rare for a box set to do BETTER than we expect, but more than a few times sets we have produced sell less that we expect.
3) See answer #1!

Kostis F.
Hey there! After the Valiant minimates were announced I decided to delve into the world of Valiant. One thing led to another, and I’m now really into indie comics. So, my question is, is there any chance that we could see minimates from these licenses:
1) Judge Dredd
2) 200AD in general (Strontium Dog, Johnny Alpha, Rogue Trooper, etc)
3) Spawn
4) Saga
5)East of West
6) Hellboy
As for existing licenses, do you have any plans for more Invincible and Mass Effect mates? Plus, are there any plans for IDW TMNT and Dark Horse comics Predators and Aliens? Also, I noticed that you already have the Dredd license (I saw the badges on BBTS and I’m thinking of buying them), so does that mean that we’ll be seeing more than just props? Thanks a lot!

1-5) No plans at this time.
6) We’d LOVE to, I’m a HUGE fan of Mike’s work. The time has just not been right for us to discuss it with him to see if he would be interested.
See above for Invincible, and yes for Mass Effect, but I do not see us producing any of our current licenses in the look of current comics. And we do not have any Judge Dredd or 2000AD license.

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